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A Most Dangerous Strategy

Applying the Martingale betting system to slots By Frank Scoblete Long losing streaks at slot machines can happen, and they happen all the time. Indeed, in slot play, even with machines that might have fairly decent hit frequencies, the losing streaks are far more pronounced than at table games.   The following information is from […]

Strolling the Boardwalk

The two latest “Monopoly” slots from WMS Gaming continue one of the most successful franchises in the slot world by Frank Legato   Some brands never grow old.      Placing branded themes on slot machines began in earnest during the late 1990s, and a few of those first few big-name themes, like “Wheel Of Fortune” […]


Bally Technologies scores a hit the bonus-packed “Cash Wizard” by Frank Legato   He looks like one of those “Have A Nice Day” happy-face circles, only wearing a wizard costume. He’s a happy sort of fellow, and that’s the point. He’s the “Cash Wizard,” and he appears very frequently in the Bally Technologies game of […]

Best of Slots 2011 – Overall

Our annual survey of best in the slot-playing world, as selected by our readers   Best Overall Hotel Casino This one’s the grand prize in our annual Best of Slots issue, since our readers award it to the properties that provide the best overall, top-to-bottom experience in their regions. There were a number of repeat […]

Best of Slots 2011 – Games

Our annual survey of best in the slot-playing world, as selected by our readers   Our Favorite Games This year’s survey certainly confirms the strength of International Game Technology in the classic reel-spinning categories, with a surprise at the very top of the reel-spinning categories of our survey—a resurgence of the world’s oldest slot-maker, Bally. […]

Best of Slots 2011 – Intro

Our annual survey of best in the slot-playing world, as selected by our readers by Frank Legato   One of the most prominent trends these days among the companies that produce slot machines is player research. Bally, IGT, WMS, Aristocrat and all the other slot makers are increasingly relying on player focus groups to tell […]

Hot Slots

Our annual look at what’s in store for slot players in the coming year By Frank Legato   For anyone interested in new slot machines, Las Vegas is the place to be this month. The first week of October, professionals who run casinos around the world converge on Las Vegas for the most important business […]

Back to Basics – Slots

Understanding the ever-elusive RNG by Frank Legato   Our reader mail is normally a pretty good gauge of the elements of slot machines that arouse curiosity in our readers. Easily the most-asked question relates to how slot machines reach their results. More than 20 years after we first published Casino Player, readers are still asking […]

Don’t Get Fooled Again – Slot

Ten Player “Mythtakes” About Slot Play By Frank Scoblete Put three quarters in a machine every five seconds, and you’re putting through $540 per hour. Play four hours, and you’ve gambled $2,160! The casinos will be more than happy to recognize such action with free or discounted rooms, meals or other perks.   Mythtake #1: […]

All For One, One For All – Slot

Community-style slot machines turn players into neighbors, encouraging cooperation (and sometimes competition) As they travel around the Monopoly board, players take turns selecting game cards. Pick a 20-credit card, and you’ll probably hear a collective groan from your community. Pick one for 500 credits, and you’re a hero.   “Community-style slot machines”–it has a kind […]

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