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Digital Editions, Email and E-newsletter Sponsorships

Since 1995, Casino Player Publishing, has provided targeted marketing to affluent, college educated, young-to-middle-aged consumers with disposable income and a passion for casino gaming and sports betting. These consumers not only frequent land-based casinos, but also online gambling sites. Your advertising message can go further and penetrate deeper by using our online audience of avid gamblers and travel enthusiasts.

At Casino Player Publishing, we’re committed to elevating your marketing strategy. Allow us to collaborate with you in crafting a comprehensive promotional package that seamlessly blends the power of print, online, and email mediums. Our expertise lies in creating a cohesive campaign that resonates deeply with your target audience and achieves unparalleled results.

Please contact your sales representative for more information. Don’t have a sales rep? Send your inquiry to


Full Page Ad in Digital Edition of Magazine
RATE:  $2,500
LIVE:  7.125″ x 9.875″
BLEED:  8.625″ X 11.375″

Video or Audio Embedded in Digital Edition
Add a video to editorial or advertising showcasing your, promotion or special event.
RATE:  $500



Stand-Alone “From Our Partners” emails

National and regional single sponsored emails created by CPP’s graphics department to promote your casino property.

RATES:  Regional single email blast rates start at $550.  National single email blast rate – $1800

Single Sponsor Survey Emails

Be the only regional sponsor when we send out our Best of Survey emails. Keep your property in the forefront of our audience’s mind when we ask them to vote. Your casino’s program can include all email blasts for one survey or one email blast sponsorship for each of our four surveys including:

  • Casino Player’s Best of Gaming Survey
  • Strictly Slots Best of Slots Survey
  • Casino Player’s Best of Dining and Nightlife Survey
  • Casino Player’s Best of Racinos Survey

RATES:  Regional single email blast rates start at $500  National single email blast rate –  $1200

Please download our digital flyer for additional information 




Casino Player’s THE BUZZ newsletter        Strictly Slots’ INSIDE SCOOP newsletter

National and Regional sponsorships available


  • Regional Top Ad email blast rates start at only $450 per newsletter
  • Regional Middle Ads email blast rates start at only $550 per newsletter

Please download our digital flyer for additional information



Our audience of fans on various social media platforms has been 100% organically grown. We post frequent curated content to our readers. No gimmicks or games to force followers.

Twitter: CasinoPlayerPub
Facebook: CasinoPlayerPublishing
Instagram: CasinoPlayerPublishing



Available on iPad only

These appear above the Cover Gallery on Casino Player and Strictly Slots apps.  It can have a link as well, so could bring customers to a more detailed page on your website.

RATE:  $500 per issue both publications




  • Width of picture should not exceed 800 px (600 or 700 px is preferred)
  • Jpeg or pdf format for pictures
  • CPP can host pictures on server
  • Links, subject lines to be delivered with graphics


  • Top Banner size: 650×120
  • Middle Banner size: 650×280

Video Specs

  • The video format required is AVI or MP4
  • The recommended bit-rate is between 300kb/s and 700kb/s.
  • Video options include embedded or pop-up videos within the digital edition that can auto-start or click-to-start;
  • or links to external videos that open in another window, leaving the digital edition open in the background for the reader to navigate back to.

Audio Specs

  • Streaming audio is required in a MP3 audio format.
  • Audio can be click-to-start, or auto-start when the page is opened. Audio can also be set to run for a length of pages.

App Banner specifications:

GIF, PNG, JPG file; 768 pixels wide (height can vary).

Please adhere to any copyright restrictions.

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