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Casino Player and Strictly Slots magazines have flourished for over three decades, earning its place as the foremost lifestyle magazines for gaming enthusiasts in America!



Why Advertise with Us:

Targeted Audience: Our readership comprises passionate gamblers, travelers and entertainment seekers actively seeking the latest and greatest experiences the casino world has to offer.

Credibility: Casino Player and Strictly Slots are a trusted name in the gaming industry. Your presence in our pages will align your brand with quality and expertise.

Comprehensive Reach: With a broad readership spanning both print and digital formats, you’ll have the advantage of   connecting with potential customers across various platforms.

Editorial Excellence: Our expertly curated content ensures that your advertisements are placed within a context that resonates with readers, maximizing their impact.

Maximize Your Exposure: Exclusive editorial features and cover story opportunities tailored to contracted advertisers, ensuring prominent visibility within our publications.

Exclusive Offers: By partnering with us for your 2024 advertising campaign, you’ll gain access to exclusive discounted rates that will help you maximize your marketing budget.

Prestigious Awards: Casino Player’s Best of Gaming Awards and Best of Dining & Nightlife Awards; and Strictly Slots’ Best of Slots Awards have gained industry-wide recognition as benchmarks of excellence. Amplified your casino’s visibility with our unique campaign designed to maximize exposure across our platforms, ensuring your brand stands out during the voting and awards season.


Engage with gaming consumers by advertising in Casino Player & Strictly Slots magazines—35+ years of experience and proven success!

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