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Advantage Play – Slot

How to capitalize on slot machines that give you the edge By Frank Scoblete   Once you’ve identified a slot machine that has a positive expectation, there are certain rules you must follow to maximize your wins. The following rules for play are not suggestions—they are requirements.   Editor’s Note: This column is excerpted from […]

After The Jackpot Slot Games

The dream of every slot player—winning a life-changing jackpot—can turn into a financial nightmare if you don’t manage your money properly. Here are some tips to prepare you for hitting the big one. By Ted Oglesby   In the October issue of Strictly Slots, Bill Burton wrote a very interesting article about how easy it […]

Best of Slots 2010 – Games

REELS Our Favorite Games This year’s survey has served to confirm what our readers have felt for years when it comes to the best Slot games in the business.       With few exceptions, IGT continues to dominate the reel-spinning categories of our survey with WMS dominating again in video. Video poker, of course, is easy: […]

Hot Shot Redux

Bally super-charges one of its most popular games with a 15-reel version Those 15 reels mean you can get multiple winning combinations of any other jackpot symbol as well—one for each of the 40 paylines, in fact. Imagine getting five 7s, times 40. That’s the power of this game.   If you’re a manufacturer of […]

Slot Scams

There’s a sucker born every minute… and a ‘winning slot system’ for each of them by Rob Wiser Prior to the advent of the Internet, when I found myself unable to sleep, I’d sit up all night watching television infomercials. There was some truly spectacular crap being pitched on TV in the 1990s: food processors, […]

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