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Tech Overload – Slot

Is it a slot machine, or an iPhone with a handle?   Pretty soon, we’ll be able to play slots anywhere. We can get frustrated by near-misses when we’re in an elevator. We can curse and throw our iPhones against the wall when we lose. Won’t that be fun? OK, either I’m getting too old […]

Stage and Screen – Wheel Of Fortune

IGT’s Center Stage series gives you Wheel Of Fortune like you’ve never seen it before by Frank Legato If you’re a longtime slot player, chances are you’ve played International Game Technology’s Wheel Of Fortune slot machine. Chances are you’ve played several versions of the game, in reel-spinning and video, slant-tops and uprights, small versions, and […]

Taking It To The Limit in Slots

How much should you bet on a slot?   Many games require a certain minimum wager to activate all the features, but not all require the maximum bet.   Some of the most frequent questions we receive concerning slot machines boil down to this question: “How much do I have to bet?” More often than […]

The Skill Factor in Slot Machines

Video games and slot machines converge to create a new casino experience By Rob Wiser   The impact of video gaming has not been lost on slot manufacturers. It’s impossible not to notice how the machines have shifted towards flashier, arcade-style presentations, with plasma screens, booming speaker systems and sophisticated graphics. With titles such as […]

Return To Oz Slot Machine

Thanks to WMS Gaming’s “Ruby Slippers,” we’re off to see the Wizard—again by Frank Legato   “Back in 1939, one of the reasons the original film resonated with movie-goers was the fantasy escape it offered to a public weary of the Great Depression, the misery of which would hang in the air for two more […]

What’s Your Slot Style?

How Understanding your personality will help you make the best slot-playing choices by Bill Burton   I recently attended a seminar given by the company that manages my 401K retirement plan. The meeting started with all of us filling out a questionnaire that would help determine the type of investors we were. The questions were […]

The Six Senses of Slot Play

How the casinos make your senses tingle… all six of them by Frank Scoblete   There are five physical senses through which we relate to our surroundings every day—touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing. There is also a sixth sense that some people claim we have—the sense of intuition, some will call it; others will […]

State of the Art Slots

The industry’s top manufacturers unveil their latest innovations By Rob Wiser   If you want to peer into the future of casinos, look no further than the slot floor. While the most popular table games have remained virtually the same for decades, each year brings eye-popping innovations, clever new concepts and technological breakthroughs to the […]

Fact or Fiction? Slot Machines

Twenty years after the introduction of the “virtual reel” slot machine, the myths about how slots operate continue by Frank Legato For most of the 20th century, the slot machine was pretty much the same. Three reels spun around, prompted first by springs loaded in a handle and later by electrical switches. Where those reels […]

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