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Hot Shot Redux

Bally super-charges one of its most popular games with a 15-reel version Those 15 reels mean you can get multiple winning combinations of any other jackpot symbol as well—one for each of the 40 paylines, in fact. Imagine getting five 7s, times 40. That’s the power of this game.   If you’re a manufacturer of […]

Slot Scams

There’s a sucker born every minute… and a ‘winning slot system’ for each of them by Rob Wiser Prior to the advent of the Internet, when I found myself unable to sleep, I’d sit up all night watching television infomercials. There was some truly spectacular crap being pitched on TV in the 1990s: food processors, […]

Slot Spotlight

Cash Meteor BALLY TECHNOLOGIES SLOT TYPE Five-reel, 50-line video slot; wild symbol; multiple second-screen bonus events; all denominations available PAYBACK % RANGE 88.05%—95.97% AVERAGE HIT FREQUENCY 82.73% TOP JACKPOT 25,000 credits times line bet AVAILABILITY AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MI (tribal), MN, MS (tribal), MO, ND, NM, OR, SD, […]

Keeping It Simple – Slots

My no-brainer strategies for staying safe at the slots—and enjoying the ride By Frank Scoblete   It’s true that I prefer more conservative methods of play, as opposed to aggressive tactics in pursuit of the mega-jackpots. I consider the “pie in the sky…I’m gonna hit the BIG one!” mentality to be the type of thinking […]

Tech Overload – Slot

Is it a slot machine, or an iPhone with a handle?   Pretty soon, we’ll be able to play slots anywhere. We can get frustrated by near-misses when we’re in an elevator. We can curse and throw our iPhones against the wall when we lose. Won’t that be fun? OK, either I’m getting too old […]

Stage and Screen – Wheel Of Fortune

IGT’s Center Stage series gives you Wheel Of Fortune like you’ve never seen it before by Frank Legato If you’re a longtime slot player, chances are you’ve played International Game Technology’s Wheel Of Fortune slot machine. Chances are you’ve played several versions of the game, in reel-spinning and video, slant-tops and uprights, small versions, and […]

Taking It To The Limit in Slots

How much should you bet on a slot?   Many games require a certain minimum wager to activate all the features, but not all require the maximum bet.   Some of the most frequent questions we receive concerning slot machines boil down to this question: “How much do I have to bet?” More often than […]

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