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Helping Luck Along in Slot Games

The laws of randomness ultimately decide whether you win or lose on a slot machine. Are there ways to help luck along? by Frank Legato   You have heard it time and again: When it comes to whether you win or lose on a slot machine, luck ultimately rules the day. Every modern slot machine […]

Mystery Of The Slot Machines

Players panic when slot techs tinker with their games by John Wilson   If you want to find a group of superstitious people, look no further than your local casino, where you will be hard-pressed to find anyone more superstitious than an avid slot player. Lucky stuffed animals, good luck charms and wishes for “Lady […]

Here Come The Slots

Our annual “sneak peek” at what’s in store for the slot floors The array of new games that will arrive in a casino near you during the coming year is completely mind-boggling. The reason, believe it or not, is the recession…a major replacement cycle is upon the industry, and the slot-makers wanted to be sure […]

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