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Advice For Slot Players—Take A Win!

I talk to a lot of slot players, and many have told me, “I was up, but I ended up giving it all back….and MORE!”

I’m sure many of us have said this at one time or another, but if you experience this on a regular basis it really starts to take the fun out of playing. Slots are about luck, for sure.  And I say, if Lady Luck is on your side, take a win for the day, or the hour, or the week!  Put the money in your pocket, or deposit it in your bank account. Rebuild your gambling bankroll, or buy a little something for yourself with the winnings. Know what it’s like to put the money in your pocket, and take some time to think about how much of that win you may want to risk again. The money feels good in your pocket, and this gives you time to clear your head and make intelligent decisions.

Another comment I hear a lot, particularly from slot players: “People kept telling me I ought to give video poker a try. Well, I tried it—and I didn’t win on that, either!”

As with any form of gambling, video poker is never a sure thing. There are a wide variety of video poker games out there, which require many different strategies for you to achieve optimal results. The difference between playing slots and video poker is that, with the latter, you get to make decisions on the final outcome of each hand, unlike the pull of the handle (or push of a button) on a slot machine, which gives you no choice and the outcome is predetermined as soon as you hit “play.”

But please don’t think that even learning the correct strategy for a video poker game will make you a winner. Even those who chose to learn and practice video poker certainly don’t always win. But they (generally) don’t always lose, either. Look for columnists in both Casino Player and Strictly Slots to help you improve your video poker game. Get your lucky shamrock out when you play slots.  But either way, try to learn to take a win now and then!

Now here’s a warning: protect your slot club card. If you lose a card in a casino it’s usually no big deal. You might have an extra with you, or you can go to the club booth to get a replacement. But recently I discovered a club (no names mentioned, there could more than one doing this) with a kiosk where you don’t even enter a PIN when you swipe your card. You can print out offers after you simply just swipe your card. Now admittedly, if you did that with someone else’s card you might have trouble redeeming the offer if they requested proper ID, but what if they don’t? And what if someone swipes your offers and they aren’t there when you go to do your swipe? I envision potential problems and hassles with the slot club booth if any of this happens, so with fair warning, protect your cards, the same as you would protect your credit cards. Make sure you have them when you start playing, and take them with you when you’re done. And make sure it’s in the machine, working properly, when you are playing.


Happy slot clubbing!

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