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A subjective view of the top offerings among this year’s new slots By Frank Legato   As you probably know, every fall, the slot manufacturers show their new “model year” at the annual Global Gaming Expo trade show. These are the slots that will be coming to casinos over the coming year. As you also […]

Slot Futures

Our annual rundown of the new slot games arriving at a casino near you By Frank Legato   Every October, the world’s slot manufacturers and their customers, the casinos, gather in Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), the most important trade event on the industry’s calendar. This is where the slot-makers introduce the […]


Eclipse Gaming Continues its Cash Arcade Series with DUCK DOLLARS By Frank Legato   Last year, Eclipse Gaming Systems, one of the fastest-growing suppliers in the Class II Native American slot market—and inevitably on a path to arriving at commercial casinos soon—released a fun group of games it dubbed the Cash Arcade Series. The series […]


Scobe’s New Baseball Slots By Frank Scoblete   Baseball is (or was) the American pastime since it started in the 1800s but there have been very few baseball slot machines. I’ve decided to fix that and offer you a new machine that will put baseball back in its primary position in the world of slots/sports. […]


Small tips can make a big difference for players By John Grochowski   Sometimes it’s the little things that count. A small strategy adjustment. A tiny tip on what to look for in a slot machine. A wee wrinkle in comp conditions. There are literally dozens of little things to look for and keep in […]


Interview with the slot machine By Frank Scoblete   Slot machines have come a long way. Yesterday’s slots were merely mechanical devices with three reels of 10 stops each with only a thousand possible combinations (10 X 10 X 10 = 1,000) and they were primarily located in bars. Now they are almost sentient computer-driven […]


Slot makers copy each other on the trendy bonus features, but the best add a unique touch that defines a game By Frank Legato   In the business of developing slot machines, imitation has always been a sincere form of flattery. Put another way, it is a normal occurrence that once a slot-maker comes up […]


The Triple Coin Treasures family of games from AGS stacks up the bonus wins By Frank Legato   These days, there are many player-favorite features you’ll find in a lot of new slot games. The ones that stand out are the games that serve up clever ways of combining popular features and presenting them in […]


Payback percentage, and its effect on overall play remains misunderstood By Frank Legato   For decades, readers of this magazine and our sister publication, Strictly Slots, have been given information on what many feel is the most important statistic in the world of slot machines: the payback percentage. These days, as online casinos spread, the […]


It’s easier to earn a high theoretical playing slots than it is video poker By Frank Scoblete   Slot players rule the casinos. They do. Just walk into a casino and look around. This fact is not hard to see. Some 60 to 90 percent of slot losses make up the casino coffers. There would […]

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