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Money management, proper play and prediction to protect your slot cash By Frank Scoblete   No one wants to see their bankrolls hammered, but unfortunately many aggressive slot players face such a prospect. Players need to exercise two aspects to their slot play to survive without taking regular beatings. The first is to have the […]


Can slot machines send signals to intuitive players? By Frank Scoblete   I receive quite a few emails from readers asking questions and/or commenting on my articles but this one from Mike and Morris was quite interesting. Here it is: M&M: This may seem far out, but we think it deserves some consideration. Can slot […]


Some slots offer players no advantage to bet the max By John Grochowski   There is no magic formula for winning on the slots. No betting pattern, no duration of play before moving to a new machine, no pauses between spins, no using or withholding your players club card can sway the random number generator […]


Casino operators and slot manufacturers launch a battle against unregulated slot machines By Frank Legato   I’ve written in this space about the new “skill-influenced” gaming machines that are beginning to appear in casinos, but the casino gaming industry is currently battling the spread of a different kind of game purporting to be “skill games.” […]


Simple slots questions and simple slots answers By Frank Scoblete   Simple Slots Question: I know that there is something called the RNG that controls the computerized slot machines but I have no idea what this means and how the results come from this computer thingy. Can you help me on this? I know it […]


Holding and re-spinning, king-sized machines and lots of progressives are among the trends to watch on the slot floor this year By Frank Legato   This month, our sister publication Casino Player is publishing a roundup of many of the new slot games coming your way in 2020. The information for that feature was compiled […]


Our annual review of the hottest new slot machines coming to a casino near you By Frank Legato   To the average slot player, a trip to a casino normally brings some new adventure in play—it seems there is always a new game to try, offering a new theme, a radical new presentation or some […]


Strategically going for that slot jackpot By John Grochowski   When jackpot hunters scout out progressive machines and selectively play those with jackpots at higher levels, there is an underlying reality: No matter how high the jackpot gets, the odds are the same on every spin. You are no more likely to win with the […]


The penny denomination has made the lowest-returning slots the most popular on the floor By Frank Legato   Ever since the first issue of Casino Player was published in 1988, this magazine has directed players to the fairest gambles—meaning the best odds and highest returns—on the casino floor. In the pit, that means baccarat, craps […]

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