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The best assumption is that you can make no assumptions By John Grochowski   Ever have an “oops!” casino moment, one of those times when things have gone wrong and you know it’s your own fault because you didn’t check the game rules or assumed a little too much? I sure have. I’ve been going […]


Gaming Arts highlights its new VertX Grand cabinet with a trio of strong new games By Frank Legato   For slot-makers lately, great new games and great new cabinets have gone hand in hand. Many of those new cabinet presentations these days are in large formats—and game developers have used those giant canvases to create […]

The Payback Conundrum

High returns are good, but enjoying the game is important By Frank Legato   For more than three decades, Casino Player has been advising players to go for the “loosest slots”—meaning, the best gamble on the slot floor is the game with the highest payback percentage. This magazine, in fact, invented the term “loose slots,” […]

Random or Not

Nothing in the universe is perfectly random, but slots are as random as humans can program a computer to be By Frank Scoblete   There are several problems with randomness. The first, and most obvious, is that randomness is often mistaken for non-randomness. This you see at gambling games of all types. A roulette game […]

Best Strategies For Slots

Even with slots, a little strategy goes a long way By Frank Scoblete   Even though the house has an edge on just about every slot machine and video poker game (with some few, hard-to-find exceptions), player s can still play a tough game against the casino if such players use intelligent strategies when deciding […]

Moving On Up

Incredible Technologies is turning heads on slot floors with its Prism VXP moving cabinet and a collection of strong games By Frank Legato In casinos around the country, players have been stopping in their tracks at the sight of a slot machine that’s like nothing else out there. You may have seen it. Maybe through […]

Slots and Themes

Twenty years ago, slot themes from popular culture exploded. Few remain By Frank Legato When slot machines experienced their first real explosion in popularity in the 1980s, there were no familiar themes to the games. The vast majority of games back then were three-reel, single-line mechanical reel-spinners. Some of them had unique titles, but nothing […]


As a group, slot players are really the most important players in the house By Frank Scoblete   Slot machines are simple, really; I mean really, really simple. More money goes in them than comes out of them. That’s it, really—a very simple game. Now, yes, very smart people have developed these machines (which used […]

Bonanza Times Three

AGS has augmented its Coin Bonanza series, which now offers three different game themes with the same wealth of coins By Frank Legato   Slot-maker AGS knows when to give players more of a good thing. That’s why this year, the supplier launched the third game in its popular “Coin Bonanza” series. Called Pyramid Party, […]


Tips to maneuver yourself into a possibly better position to maybe experience some positive results By Frank Scoblete   We have all been there. Yes, we have. Nothing is going right. You try this machine, that machine. You try machines that were hot for other players and they turn ice cold for you. You try […]

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