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Incredible Technologies

IT-Right-MunstersIncredible Technologies, the amusement-game giant that has been moving into the slot market for the past two years, is gaining steam with a few great new games. Following up hits like Crazy Money, King of Bling and The Herd will be a lineup of more games employing unique bonus features and unique themes.

This summer, IT launched The Munsters Family Portrait, with a unique game mechanic called “Slide ‘n Win”—the basic game screen is a nine-reel field, and a sliding transparent frame moves back and forth across the field until landing on a five-reel portion of the screen.

This year, watch for the sequel to King of Bling—King of Bling Iced Out. The new game reprises the unique hip-hop theme—complete with dancing, bling-covered characters and a backdrop of booming music—but adds several unique new features. For instance, the characters pop out of the reels, and move in sync with the music. It’s called “Reel Beats” technology—bouncing symbols, reel speeds and win celebrations all in time with the beat of the hip-hop sounds.

Bonus features include “Iced Out Mode,” which triggers re-spins when diamonds land on the first two reels. Every time another diamond lands to create a new line win, it triggers another re-spin. The other bonus, “Bounce 2Nite,” is a novel take on the pick-em bonus: The player touches a tricked-out car on the screen, and it causes a hydraulic bounce to reveal credits.

Also prominent at the show will be IT’s new foray into branded games. The Munsters Family Portrait mines the best comedy bits of the famous 1960s TV sitcom, about monsters and vampires trying to fit into suburban life, but next up for IT is Archie in Riverdale Riches, based on the classic Archie comic books that every baby-boomer boy had among his stacks of comics. A masterful treatment of the theme plays on favorites that will be familiar to anyone who had stacks of Archie, Betty & Veronica and Archie’s Pal Jughead comic books.

Other new IT games reflect some great new ways to play:

Rorschach Riches, a video slot featuring stacking symbols and free spins with locking wild symbols, uses Rorschach ink blots as reel symbols. When they land in winning combinations, they turn into one of several possible pictures.

Car Nation is a sequel to last year’s popular “Cars” game, with improved math and a unique reel set. Like its predecessor, the game incorporates “Sidewinder Reels,” which spin horizontally. The game screen forms a 3D highway scene, transforming to a new location and backdrop with every spin. Road signs in the new scenes award mystery “Street Wins” of multipliers, wild symbols and free spins. Random awards pop up such as the appearance of a scooter, which causes all scooter symbols to pay a credit amount.

The “Fast Lane Progressive,” activated with a maximum bet and triggered by a street sign in one of the changing backdrops, allows the player to spin a tire for three levels of progressive award.

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