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Spielo International

For Spielo this year, 3D is the word. The company’s new game Sphinx 3D is not to be missed.

The brand has been around for decades. Back in the 1990s, the original Sphinx game pioneered the use of 3D animation in slot machines, with a bonus journey through the inside of the Egyptian landmark. Sphinx 3D completes that original vision with 3D technology that is unrivaled, at least without the use of glasses.

Sphinx 3D also constitutes the launch of Spielo’s next-generation cabinet, but the hallmark of the game is what’s inside that cabinet—beautiful artwork depicting the areas surrounding the Sphinx, and the interior of the Sphinx itself. The 3D effect enables the player to go on a journey toward, and then inside, the Sphinx.

Even the primary-game reel-spinning is in 3D, with the Sphinx and other symbols popping out at the player with an authenticity that invites them to be grabbed out of the air. Mystery wilds are accomplished by a box that flies out of the screen and then back to the reels to change symbols to wild.

Even the “Easter eggs”—butterflies that fly out when the screen is touched—are in 3D.

There are five total bonus rounds—only one with the minimum wager; the others are unlocked as the wager goes up, with all five available at max-bet.

The bonus rounds are masterful. The player is lost in a journey through an Egyptian town, or market, or neighborhood scene, to arrive at the Sphinx and go inside. In a nod to the original Sphinx, there are several bonus levels, with picks along the way that increase credits and unlock new chambers within the Sphinx.

The other showcase products for Spielo this year include a new version of the “Deal Or No Deal” series and a community-style version of the hit PopCap game “Bejeweled.”

Deal Or No Deal: In It To Win It, is different than its predecessors. There is a new eligibility method, new wrinkles, a new aesthetic, and five bonuses—players get to play their own bonus.

The new community version of Bejeweled—in the same community format as “In It to Win It”—is one of four new games this year under a license agreement with PopCap Games, owner of some of the most popular social games available on the internet.

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