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ARuzeHowlingWolf_cabinetAruze Gaming is launching a new version of its reel-spinning series, Innovator with Radiant Reels. The reel series is distinguished by its oversized reels, which change color, spin in different directions and vary in the speed of the spin.

Called Innovator Multi-Action Extra Reel, the new format employs the “4+1 Reel,” a four-reel base game with a fifth mechanical reel used exclusively for bonusing. Many of those bonuses occur as random mystery events during free spins.

The inaugural game for the new Innovator series, Golden Frontier, is packed with special features, many of them centered on interaction between the video character on the face of the top screen—a crusty old miner—and the bonus reel itself.

During free games, the miner dances to a goofy tune while the reels spin. But at any time, he may grab his pick and swing it to break through the dirt to the bonus reel, sending it spinning wildly to land on a multiplier, or extra free games.

In another random action, the miner will go back and get a hose and flood the bonus reel with water—the more water, the higher the multiplier goes. Or he may do it with dynamite—he grabs dynamite, throws it on the reel and blows the multiplier all the way up to 12X.

Coming up from Aruze will be several new games in the regular Innovator reel-spinning series. Among the best is Sinbad, which is a two-game community-style game that features both individual bonuses and a head-to-head competition between the two players, known as the “Versus Event.”

It is the follow-up to last year’s “Rich Life,” with the competitive bonuses taking place on a 60-inch common monitor—the actions of one player affecting the results of the other.

The Sinbad game presents an elaborate bonus sequence based on the literary seven adventures of Sinbad the Sailor. Credits rise as reel spins to send Sinbad through a top-box game board trying to defeat the Skeleton Knight, the Snake, the Cyclops and other famous foes from the legendary story.

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