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Limiting Beliefs of Players

10 common “mythtakes” that players make at table games By Frank Scoblete On any given hand, and on any given night, luck does play a role—that’s true. But in the long run, how skillfully you play will determine just what the casino wins from you—or what you win from them! I call them “mythtakes”: false […]

The Zero Theory in Craps Games

Staying cool in the heat of the moment in Craps Table By Frank Scoblete   How many craps players do you know who could stand at a table watching number after number come up that doesn’t involve their bet, and not start to think: “Maybe I should bet on some of the other numbers instead, […]

Beat the Casino With Odds

Mastering the “secret” craps bet that lowers the house edge to 0% by Basil Nestor   Most casino bets carry an edge for the house. Sometimes you win more often,  they win. The edge is usually 1% to 12% of the overall action, depending on the game. This profit is how casinos pay for electricity […]

The Weird & the Wonderful

Scobe Speaks The Weird & the Wonderful by Frank Scoblete I’ve been involved in casino gambling now for some 20 odd years—and indeed some of my experiences have been quite odd in the houses of Lady Luck. Over these years I have written 20 books, four videos and DVDs, three audio tapes, three television shows, […]

Sixty-Sixty Over and Out

Scobe Speaks by Frank Scoblete Sixty-Sixty Over and Out The measures of greatness for a single craps hand are time, the multitude of numbers hit, and how much money you make. The longer a craps roll lasts, the slower the game goes, since more and larger bets have to be paid off. So the hand […]

No Sweat? Not always!

No Sweat? Not always! Keeping yourself in the “Thrill Zone” by Frank Scoblete In my book The Craps Underground: The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers Are Winning Millions from the Casinos!, I wrote about a legendary Atlantic City player known as the Captain of Craps. He once explained to me his theory on how […]


BEGINNER’S DICE 10 easy steps to learning the Gambling game By Frank Scoblete   The oldest known form of gambling saw primitive man carving symbols into the ankle bones of various deceased animals, usually sheep, sometimes wild animals that were respected as a source of food or strength, and even into the ankle or knee […]

Cutthroat Craps

Feature Frank Scoblete   Cutthroat Craps You’ve got everything to gain Most gambling writers are cautious, timid souls–and with good reason. We don’t want to offer information that might lead players to jump off the deep end of the casino diving board, whooping and hollering as their bankrolls go “splat!” on the concrete floor of […]

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