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Electronic offerings bring something new to table games   When you think of table games, what are the first things that come to mind? Maybe it’s how the cards felt, the roll of the dice, or roulette dealer calling “No more bets!” as ball descends toward the numbers, or simply the stacking or riffling of […]


Lower the house edge and slow things down By Frank Scoblete   Einstein is credited with saying the following: “Craziness is defined as continuing to do the same thing time and again expecting different results.” Whether he said or wrote this, or whether it is a false citation doesn’t matter; the sentiment certainly makes sense. […]


An advanced strategy for cashing in at craps By Frank Scoblete Editor’s Note: The following is adapted from Frank Scoblete’s book Cutting Edge Craps: Advanced Strategies for Serious Players!) Many industry writers and other critics of dice control constantly throw out this challenge: “If the dice have to hit the back wall, there is no […]


Playing it safe is good By Frank Scoblete   If given a choice between a high house-edge bet that brings in a large amount of money should it win or a low house edge bet that brings in a comparative trickle, which choice would you make? Take the craps bet of Yo-Eleven, which is a […]


Craps Players Recount A Few Table Experiences By John Grochowski   Craps players have nearly as many angles as the dice bouncing off the wall, and they have the stories to go with them. In this edition of Table Talk, let’s focus on a few tales craps players have shared. Len The table was pretty […]

Taking On The Tables

Best strategies for the top four table games By Frank Scoblete   Let’s take a short look at all of them: BLACKJACK There are four table-games that many players tend to enjoy playing in the casinos: blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat/ mini-baccarat. Each one has decisions dealing with what strategies to play, how to play […]


Explaining the Craps Put Bet By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   Over the last few weeks I have received several questions about the “put” bet in craps. Most casinos don’t advertise it or have this bet mentioned anywhere on the craps layout, but almost all casinos will accept this bet. Simply stated, a put bet is […]


Simple strategy for the “don’t” side of craps By Frank Scoblete   Only the astronauts have seen the dark side of the moon; which is the side that always faces away from us and cannot be seen from our earthly vantage point. For the rest of us the dark side of the moon seems a […]


Proving the greatest craps player was real By Frank Scoblete In the years where my writing has allowed me some notoriety I have received hundreds of requests to meet people at casinos or to go out to dinner with them. I’ve rarely ever done either. Still, I made an appointment to have lunch with a […]

The Dark Knight

Joining the darkside of craps By Frank Scoblete   Ninety-five percent (or more) of craps players are Rightside bettors, also known as Do players. That means they are betting that the shooter makes his Point before a seven shows and/or they are betting numbers they want to hit before the seven shows. At almost any […]

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