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The angels and demons of slot play By Frank Scoblete   They hover in, over and around those machines, airy beings floating their powerful ideas into your mind. They are the good voices and the bad voices; the ones telling you to play, play, and play some more; and the ones that tell you to […]


30 years of gambling and casino writing By Frank Scoblete   I am now in my 30th year of casino writing and in my 31st year of casino playing. Those are long periods of time. So much good – and some bad – have happened to me in that time. I have met people I […]


Stay in control and protect your money By Frank Scoblete   Unless a slot player wins a monstrous million or multi-million-dollar slot jackpot, he or she is destined for long-term losses. The machines are not programmed to create long-term winners; if they did the casinos couldn’t survive. You know that and I know that. Still, […]


30 years of sound advice By Frank Scoblete   I wish I could say that I did an exhaustive scientific survey of slot players and that my opinions in this column reflect such an amazing survey. I wish I had dozens of people working for me all over the country for a long enough period […]


Simple Questions And Simple Answers By Frank Scoblete   Q: I know that there something called the RNG that controls the computerized slot machines but I have no idea what this means and how the results come from this computer thingy. Can you help me on this? I know it doesn’t change the way I […]


Ways to battle the house edge By Frank Scoblete   The outstanding television series Breaking Bad had some horrifying things to tell us about being addicted to methamphetamine – popularly known as speed. In the show speed certainly isn’t good for the poor souls using it. Speed – to put it bluntly – kills a […]


The more you play, the more you risk By Frank Scoblete   One of the opening scenes of the 1995 movie Casino has Robert De Niro as Sam “Ace” Rothstein explaining how the casino makes money. A mega-high roller has just won millions from his casino and Rothstein and company want to get that money […]


A novel approach to playing the slots By Frank Scoblete Thirty days have September… April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one except… Oh, for crying out loud. What’s with February? Seriously? You have to break the rhythm of the lines to get this month into the pack. Is it that important a month? […]


Sometimes Santa does reward our wishes … maybe By Frank Scoblete According to Pew research 90 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas as their winter holiday (although only about 55 percent think of it as a religious holiday). A big aspect of the public holiday, as opposed the religious one, is the centering of Santa Claus […]


Even tough starts can end with a big win By Frank Scoblete   What’s one of the worst ways to begin a casino visit? I’d say it is losing right off the bat. Digging a hole for yourself, sometimes an extremely deep hole, which then takes the positive energy out of you. Veteran casino players […]

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