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The Craps Gypsy

By Frank Scoblete


Frank: Let me introduce you to a craps player I will call the ultimate “action” player. This is a one-on-one interview  with a man who has a totally different theory of how to play the game of craps. That is, different from mine. I am letting him do his own one-on-one.

The Craps Gypsy: I am the Craps Gypsy, Frank. I do not set up on a bet and wait and linger hoping that I win that bet. No, sir. I jump right in there. Yes, I am an action player and I know what I mean by that and I know what the casino means by that.

It’s kind of the same. I make a lot of bets, every kind. I really don’t care what the house edge is on any of those bets. I am looking for a payoff, a big payoff if possible. I get a shooter who makes some numbers and I could be on my way to a big win. That’s what I want. I want a big win. I can get that by the way I play. You really can’t get big wins playing the way you play.

I know, Frank, that you are a conservative player. I’ve read that in all of your books. I understand where you are coming from and I do like your books. (Frank: thanks!)  But your way of playing is just not for me.


The Gypsy’s Process

The shooter is on the come-out roll and I will go with a pass-line bet and I’ll also put up Any Craps to protect myself against the seven. I know, I know, you will tell me that the Any Craps does not protect me but my gut, not your math, tells me different. I feel that I need to go with my gut in all my betting choices. Why go against what you feel?

Okay, shooter has his point, I put full odds on it, and I go with a place bet on whatever numbers are not the point. I now have six bets working, one on each of the box numbers and one on the pass-line with odds. That gives me 24 ways to win, right?


The Waiting Game

Here is where I do a little waiting. Just a little. I want to hit any two box numbers other than the point. If the shooter hits his point, I begin the process all over again. If his new point is a different number, I will put the odds on it and move my Place bet over to the former point number. I am always on six box numbers.

I again want him to hit two of my Place bets. If he does, I now go for all the Hardways. These  I make for $10 each. The payoff on these can be good if a shooter gets into a rhythm of hitting them. I consider $10 a small bet but the payoffs on the hardways are impressive.

Okay, with each winning hit, I now move on to adding some more bets. I will do the “a number just hit, then bet that number.” Here, of course, it has to be a number that I am not already on.


The Women Crapsters

I don’t want to get too distracted but let’s talk about women at the craps tables. I am opposed to them playing craps. I know I can’t ban them but I really wish they would never come and disrupt the craps tables.

There are more now than when I got out of the army but they are still a small number. I can see growth here.

Now, why don’t I want women at the tables? Simple question with a simple answer.

Women are a distraction. If they are new to the game, they waste everyone’s time trying to learn how to play. The other players, many of them, stop thinking about the numbers that need to be hit for us to win some money. That’s why we are there, right, to win some money?

And men? We tend to get distracted with a woman at the table. Many of us foolishly try to impress the gals, if you know what I mean.

The game for all of us men should be us thinking over and over again about the numbers hitting. I am not saying that thinking of the numbers definitely gets them to come up but all of us thinking of the numbers can’t hurt, can it?

Women players stop many of the men from thinking. There, I said it and I mean it. Ladies, stay away from the craps tables.


What About Don’t (Darkside) Players?

Goodbye! They are the worst. They are playing against your interests. You want the numbers to hit; they want the seven to hit. It’s as simple as that. They are anti-you; anti-your-interests.

Goodbye to them. Get them away from the game. Some of the younger ones—can you believe this?—actually cheer for the seven! That never would have happened 40 years ago. Never. Those darksiders would not have been physically capable of returning to the table, if you get my meaning.

There aren’t many of them. But there should be none of them. That type of play should be banned. The casinos set up the games as they want them. They can eliminate the don’t players. They deserve the title of dark- sider. They should be outsiders.

End all darkside play. Or have a table for women and darksiders only!


Frank: Thank you. All the best in and out of the casinos! ´


Frank’s website is His books are available from, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, e-books, libraries and bookstores.

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