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Money management, proper play and prediction to protect your slot cash By Frank Scoblete   No one wants to see their bankrolls hammered, but unfortunately many aggressive slot players face such a prospect. Players need to exercise two aspects to their slot play to survive without taking regular beatings. The first is to have the […]


Can slot machines send signals to intuitive players? By Frank Scoblete   I receive quite a few emails from readers asking questions and/or commenting on my articles but this one from Mike and Morris was quite interesting. Here it is: M&M: This may seem far out, but we think it deserves some consideration. Can slot […]


Simple slots questions and simple slots answers By Frank Scoblete   Simple Slots Question: I know that there is something called the RNG that controls the computerized slot machines but I have no idea what this means and how the results come from this computer thingy. Can you help me on this? I know it […]


Sometimes you just have to leave the casino before it’s too late By Frank Scoblete   There are times to “run” in a casino and, perhaps, to do other things in addition to that. Let’s take a look at some scenarios and see what should be done.   SCENARIO 1: I am getting hammered. I […]


Wild new slot machine concepts By Frank Scoblete   Raymond Van Lyman is a person with a mission. He has created several slot machines that he feels will be the future of the “beasts” as he calls them. Here are some of his ideas and comments. Will these machines pique the love of slot players […]


Bad moments caused by bad players By Frank Scoblete   Most table games, most times, run smoothly and players have little to complain about except maybe some bad luck. The casino experience for most players for most times is a pleasant one and when good luck hits them, well, it can be a great time. […]


Slot jackpots can bring out the worst in people By Frank Scoblete   When it comes to slot play you will occasionally hear a winner scream out loud his or her joy at seeing the money roll in. More often than not you won’t hear anything as many slot players can actually be the silent […]


The odds are against the player. So why do we gamble? By Frank Scoblete   When I tell people that I enjoy casino gambling there are two general reactions, one good, one not so good. First let’s start with the negative; those people who look at you as some type of dimwitted sucker for enjoying […]

The more you play, the more you risk

LONGER OR SHORTER By Frank Scoblete   One of the opening scenes of the 1995 movie Casino has Robert De Niro as Sam “Ace” Rothstein explaining how the casino makes money. A mega-high roller has just won millions from his casino and Rothstein and company want to get that money back. So, Rothstein arranges for the […]

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