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As a group, slot players are really the most important players in the house By Frank Scoblete   Slot machines are simple, really; I mean really, really simple. More money goes in them than comes out of them. That’s it, really—a very simple game. Now, yes, very smart people have developed these machines (which used […]

Go Up or Go Down?

Don’t expect to go from rags to riches in one or two sessions By Frank Scoblete   You’ve taken a bit of a hammering at your favorite table game or games. It’s been a really tough session or day and/or night and/or trip. You’ve lost a significant amount of the money you brought for this […]


Tips to maneuver yourself into a possibly better position to maybe experience some positive results By Frank Scoblete   We have all been there. Yes, we have. Nothing is going right. You try this machine, that machine. You try machines that were hot for other players and they turn ice cold for you. You try […]


Why do you lose after a big win in a casino? By Frank Scoblete   She loves playing the slot machines, and she and her girlfriend Wendy would go to the casinos once a month for a weekend stay. They played, they took in the shows and they had delicious meals. They are not rich […]

Enough’s Enough

When it’s time to call it a night By Frank Scoblete   There is a time to quit; to call it a night or day or morning. Things have gone to the point where you cannot afford to lose another cent and you won’t because you are ready to say, “Enough’s enough.” Every casino player […]


Thoughts create your reality, even when it comes to gambling By Frank Scoblete   Hamlet said it best: “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” (Thank you William Shakespeare!) The above is probably correct in just about any circumstances except perhaps a brick falling on your head from atop a […]


Slot players want some Christmas magic, too By Frank Scoblete   There was a time when everybody celebrated Christmas or, at least, our society assumed everybody celebrated Christmas. It was a magical time of year and, as a kid, I believed in magic. Heck, there had to be magic; I could see it in the […]

It Ain’t What It Seems

The truth about hot streaks By Frank Scoblete   The world of the casino inside the heads of many casino players is not the world of the casino inside the heads of the folks who know casinos, run casinos, and often have to talk to patrons who see the casino world in a very, very […]


The inside scoop on how slot machines work By Frank Scoblete   I am sure as a slot player you have heard of me. Maybe all casino players have heard of me. I am the random number generator, or RNG, that selects which symbols will come up on your machine when you play it. I […]


Wrong thoughts and true feelings By Frank Scoblete   If you read a lot about casino gambling, be it about table games or slot machines or some combination of both, you run across plenty of the true and plenty of the false. Most good writers give you the math and the underpinnings of the games. […]

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