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The number seven is everywhere, from epic moments in history to the modern casino By Frank Scoblete   Seven is a magnificent number and one of the most profound in human history. You have Seven Heavens in Judaism and Christian theology with the Seventh Heaven being the highest heaven, often where God exists—or just below […]


The intrigue behind roulette’s allure and the house edge By Frank Scoblete   Since the genius Blaise Pascal put pen to paper or ball to wheel in the late 1600s, the game of roulette has fascinated players. They love it. The casinos love it too—maybe even more. You might remember Blaise Pascal. He was the […]


Money management at slots By Frank Scoblete   Many casino players believe that there are ways to manage one’s money to prevent the casino from having an edge on them. This is a totally wrong assumption. If the casino has an edge at a game, which it does at just about all games, no money […]


Small goals can add up to big profits By Frank Scoblete   Mankind is the pursuing of dreams animal; even when we are wide awake our dreams can drive us forward. Indeed, much of man’s accomplishments on this planet come from such pursuits of dreams. Our books and movies reflect our pursuits—often ending in loss […]


The pitfalls and perils By Frank Scoblete   In the world of casino playing, there are good players and there are bad players. The good players use the lowest house edge bets at the games they play and keep their betting in an easily handled way with no horrors of worrying about losing their houses, […]


When play becomes work, it’s time for a change By Frank Scoblete   I’ve heard them and I am sure you have heard them; in fact, just about everyone I know has heard them. Their famous quote is this: “I need a vacation from my vacation!” Even a singular one-day trip to the casino can […]

Saving Money in the Casino

How to keep the edge on your next gaming session by Frank Scoblete   We don’t usually think of casinos as institutions where you can save money. So true. The casino is a place where we spend money on games where the casino has an edge over us and on food, rooms, drinks, shows, sporting […]


Unveiling the truth behind player theories and casino edge By Frank Scoblete   Casino players have various theories as to what is, and what is not, happening in the games they like to play. Some of their theories are indeed correct; some are wrong; and some are off the wall. One of the things that […]


From swing to stategy By Frank Scoblete   Casino playing is more to me than just wagering at games the casinos offer. I tend to stick with certain games that give me the best chances to win and I do play the very best strategies at these games. My goal is not only to last […]

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