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Comps’ great divide

Slot fan wonders why she gets more than her video poker playing husband By John Grochowski   “We go to the casino together once a week and we gamble about the same amount. But when we see if we have any free play or to get buffet comps, I always have more than he does.” […]

More Class Warfare

The Difference Between Class II and Class III Video Poker By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   If you are serious about video poker play and you want to maximize your return, avoid class II games like the plague. In a recent letter to Casino Player writer Jerry “Stickman” Stich, one of our readers asked for a […]

Double Take

Recognizing Your Playing Options By Henry Tamburin Many video poker players think they know their playing strategy cold. However, where they miss the boat is not recognizing all the playing options in a hand before they decide which cards to hold. For example, suppose you are playing 9/6 Jacks or Better and are dealt the […]

Decisions Decisions

Make your choice and practice, practice, practice! By John Grochowski   PQ: On the full-pay 9/6 version, about 12.9 percent of all hands will result in two pairs, and those hands account for 25.9 percent of our overall return. That stretches your bankroll, while games that pay only 1-for-1 on two pairs, such as Double […]

Kickering Yourself:

To hold that kicker or not—that is the question By John Grochowski   It’s always tempting to go for the big jackpot, and often in video poker that’s just what we do. We’ll break up a flush, straight or high pair for a one-card draw to a royal flush, tossing away smaller payoffs for a […]

Understanding Expected Value:

Learn to expect the expected By Henry Tamburin   I often use the term expected value (or EV) when I’m writing about the best video poker playing strategies. Even though EV is foreign to most players, smart players know what that term means and how it is determined. EV is a mathematically precise term that […]

Is Keeping It Simple Stupid?

The value of using simplified video poker strategy By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   Many regular readers of this publication and Strictly Slots are aware of the paybacks of popular video poker games. For example, full-pay Jacks or Better returns 99.54 percent, full-pay Bonus Poker returns 99.16 percent, full-pay Double Bonus Poker returns 100.17 percent, and […]

Lesser of Two Evils

How to Handle Low Return Video Poker By Jerry “Stickman” Stich     It is always great to be able to find high return video poker such as 99.5 percent or more.  If players are diligent, they can usually find high paying games in most gambling destinations.  It may take a little work and the […]

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