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Is Keeping It Simple Stupid?

The value of using simplified video poker strategy By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   Many regular readers of this publication and Strictly Slots are aware of the paybacks of popular video poker games. For example, full-pay Jacks or Better returns 99.54 percent, full-pay Bonus Poker returns 99.16 percent, full-pay Double Bonus Poker returns 100.17 percent, and […]

Lesser of Two Evils

How to Handle Low Return Video Poker By Jerry “Stickman” Stich     It is always great to be able to find high return video poker such as 99.5 percent or more.  If players are diligent, they can usually find high paying games in most gambling destinations.  It may take a little work and the […]

Possibilities and Probabilities

How “standard deviation” reveals the true odds of scoring a video poker jackpot By Bill Burton   Last night I met my friend Rich at a casino. We hadn’t gotten together for a while, so we decided to play video poker so we could talk and catch up on recent events while we played. We’d […]

Video Poker with Slot-Style Action

These games might make your sessions more exciting by Jerry “Stickman” Stich   The days when video poker meant only five-card draw poker are long gone.  Now there are all sorts of video poker variants clamoring for casino players’ money.  This article reviews a couple of these variants that have been around for a while.  […]

Pick a Pair

Single high cards bring more winners, but pairs bring more money By John Grochowski   It is true that two-pair hands are the most frequent winners when you start with a low pair. But you also get three of a kind and four of a kind a lot more often starting with a pair rather […]

Up, Down and All Around

Triple Double Bonus gives video poker players a very wild ride By John Grochowski   I once had a lengthy conversation with a team of casino executives who wanted to get my thoughts on video poker players. They knew that I hear often from video-poker-playing readers, and they knew from their own experiences that it […]

Turns For the Worse

Be wary of changes in your casino’s video poker policies by Henry Tamburin   Lately, it seems that some casinos are changing their policy toward video poker players, and this often is not good news for us. I’ll give you a few examples so you will be aware of these revised casino policies. A Mississippi […]

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