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Myths Revisited

Unveiling the truth behind video poker misconceptions by Jerry “Stickman” Stich   With almost all things that have been with us for a while, myths develop. Some myths are based on fact, others are based on the way the human mind thinks the facts should be. Video Poker myths have been around since shortly after […]


Long odds to be dealt a royal flush By John Grochowski   If you’re a video poker player, you know that any royal flush is a cause for celebration. When I drew my first, way back in December of 1989, the 10 $100 bills handed to me by the slot attendant at the Tropicana in […]


By John Grochowski   Many table and slot players are switching to video poker because it’s possible for average players to have an advantage over the casino when they play. What follows are the most frequently asked questions about video poker that I’ve received and my responses. Isn’t playing a video poker machine the same […]


AGS table-game progressives add a new level of excitement to the pit By Frank Legato   The big-money jackpot. For more than three decades— since the 1986 launch of Megabucks—that phrase has been most associated with the slot machine. For the past decade, however, it has gained attention in the pit as never before. Table-game […]


It’s easier to earn a high theoretical playing slots than it is video poker By Frank Scoblete   Slot players rule the casinos. They do. Just walk into a casino and look around. This fact is not hard to see. Some 60 to 90 percent of slot losses make up the casino coffers. There would […]

Video Poker Wasteland

Atlantic City used to offer great choices for the video poker player. No more. By Frank Legato   A few weeks ago, I stayed at the Tropicana Atlantic City. I love the Trop, now owned by Caesars Entertainment, because of the Quarter dining and retail attraction. After dinner at Carmine’s in the Quarter, my wife […]


A look at video blackjack By John Grochowski   In most state gaming commission revenue reports, wagering totals and payouts are listed for electronic gaming devices. The category isn’t “slot machines,” and that’s deliberate. In the information they release to the public, casinos and regulators do not differentiate among slot machines and other electronic games […]


Video poker moments, questions and back-to-back pays By John Grochowski   Video poker players often come away from the games with tales to tell, and sometimes with questions to ask. The ol’ email box frequently brings some of each. Let’s share a few, along with some comments.     KIT I have a back-to-back wins […]


Holding the low-card kicker in Double Double Bonus Poker By John Grochowski   It’s always tempting to go for the big jackpot, and often in video poker that’s just what we do. We’ll break up a flush, straight or high pair for a one-card draw to a royal flush, tossing away smaller payoffs for a […]

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