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It’s the small wins that keep you in the game By John Grochowski   If you’re a video slot player, no doubt you’ve sometimes thought it’s not a real win if your payback is less than your wager. Video poker players have similar thoughts about high pairs that just get their bets back with no […]

Speed Is Everything

Tips for playing video poker tournaments   When you play video poker, it’s you against the casino. You use the best playing strategy in games that will give you the highest expected return. Your goal each session is to end up with more credits (i.e., money) than you started with. Video poker tournaments are different. […]

Choosing Loose Video Poker

The reasoning of slot officials who avoid offering the highest-paying video poker doesn’t make sense By Frank Legato   Our sister publication, Strictly Slots, this month publishes its annual “Loosest Slots Awards.” Every year, this report takes actual statistics on slot payouts publicly reported by casinos in various jurisdictions and recognizes those casinos or casino […]


Tackling common video poker questions By John Grochowski   Video poker players love to raise questions about their games, and the questions aren’t limited to strategy puzzlers. Often, questions from readers focus on how the games and odds work and why. Why don’t royal flushes pay more when they’re so rare? How are best strategies […]


Are you holding the best cards? Don’t be so sure   Often times video poker players are dealt hands in which one of the holds is so tempting they just cannot resist. For example, suppose you are playing Jacks or Better and are dealt the following hand. How would you play it?       […]

Video Poker Revisited

Three new IGT video poker games inject extra rewards to top-returning pay tables By Frank Legato   International Game Technology is credited with inventing video poker as we know it today back in the 1970s and early 1980s. And, it is IGT that keeps reinventing the game. Whether a video poker expert or simply a […]

Cause For Celebration

Being dealt a royal is a rare, wonderful thing By John Grochowski   If you’re a video poker player, you know that any royal flush is a cause for celebration. When I drew my first, way back in December of 1989, the stack of $100 bills handed to me by the slot attendant at the […]

Keepin’ It Straight

What exactly is an open straight? By Jerry “Stickman” Stitch    Look at the strategy for just about any video poker game and you will find two different types of straight—an open (or more accurately open-ended) straight and an inside straight. The terms open and inside also apply to straight flushes, which are simply straights […]


Revealing the truth about winning back-to-back jackpots By John Grochowski   I’ve received many an email, phone call, and—in days of yore— letters delivered through the U.S. Postal Service, asking if it’s possible to hit more than one big jackpot in a short time on the same machine. The questions aren’t always precisely in these […]


Do you play a variety of video poker games? By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   There is probably no mathematical upside to switching games. Are you willing to give the house more of your hard-earned money because you are bored with your regular game or you have been going through a slump recently? What type of […]

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