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Video poker players are always hunting those aces By John Grochowski   Games featuring enhanced payoffs on four aces have been a video poker staple for more than two decades. Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Triple Double Bonus Poker – they’re among the most popular games around, and have proven staying […]


Being dealt a royal is a rare, wonderful thing By John Grochowski   If you’re a video poker player, you know that any royal flush is a cause for celebration. When I drew my first, way back in December of 1989, the stack of $100 bills handed to me by the slot attendant at the […]


Debunking common video poker myths By Henry Tamburin   Video poker has its share of myths and misconceptions. Many players mistakenly believe in them which hinder their progress toward becoming a winning player; therefore, my goal this month is to dispel these myths. Casinos can change the odds of hitting jackpots on video poker machines […]


Holding the low-card kicker in Double Double Bonus Poker By John Grochowski It’s always tempting to go for the big jackpot, and often in video poker that’s just what we do. We’ll break up a flush, straight or high pair for a one-card draw to a royal flush, tossing away smaller payoffs for a chance […]


Why players earn more comps on slots than video poker By John Grochowski   Carrie has been playing slot machines for longer than she cares to remember. She and her husband Bill had already been annual Las Vegas visitors for nearly a decade when I met them in the early 1980s, several years before my […]


Do you play a variety of video poker games? By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   One of the reasons for the popularity of video poker is because it typically has a higher payback than slot machines—sometimes more than 100 percent for a skilled player. Regardless of which video poker game you play, achieving the long term […]


A look at some common video poker options By John Grochowski   No matter how dedicated the video poker player, it’s all but impossible to memorize the ins and outs of strategy for every game and every pay table. If you’re going to flip back and forth among Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Double […]


Exploring a few of the common video poker misconceptions By John Grochowski   With almost all things that have been with us for a while, myths develop. Some myths are based on fact, others are based on the way the human mind thinks the facts should be. Video Poker myths have been around since shortly […]


How much does the royal flush impact your game’s payback schedule?  The answer might surprise you. By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   Most serious video poker players know how much their favorite video poker machine pays with expert play. For example: Full pay (9/6: 9 for 1 for a full house, 6 for 1 for a […]

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