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Your Silent Video Poker Partner

How to keep your records straight for the taxman By Henry Tamburin   I bet you didn’t know that you’ve got a silent partner when you play video poker. His name is Uncle Sam. When you hit a jackpot that is $1,200 or more on a video poker machine (usually this means a royal flush), […]

Placing Your Bets – Video Poker

How many coins should you wager on single-hand video poker? by Henry Tamburin For some players it makes sense to play only one coin, with one important caveat. Players have the option of betting from one coin up to five coins in a single-hand video poker game. You’ll get the highest return when you play […]

Getting Your Facts Straight

The truth about Double Bonus poker—and how to become a better player by Henry Tamburin Don’t assume that all 9/6 games are good; it depends upon the game you’re playing. A case in point is Double Bonus. A 9/6 Double Bonus game is not full pay.   Many players play Double Bonus poker, yet few […]

The Royal Factor

How much does the royal flush impact your game’s payback schedule? The answer might surprise you. By Jerry “Stickman” Stich Wins and losses do not come in a nice, steady stream. The edge of the game isn’t applied in a constant slope; instead, it’s a roller coaster ride. Most serious video poker players know how […]

Take The Money And Run?

Some video poker players say that after hitting a royal flush, you should switch machines. But what’s the smart play? By Henry Tamburin The RNG (Random Number Generator) doesn’t track the number of royals it gives to players. It randomly selects the cards on each hand, regardless of what cards it selected on previous hands. […]

Changing It Up – Casino Tips

Does switching denominations during your video poker session affect your chances of winning? by Bill Burton   Last week, while on a business trip in the South, I stopped by one of the casinos along the Mississippi River. I decided to play a little video poker, so I sat down at one of the multi-denomination/ […]

Don’t Get Fooled Again in Poker

“Identical” video poker machines might have very important differences by Jerry “Stickman” Stitch   “To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” —Marilyn vos Savant   Just because the glass says “Jacks or Better” is no guarantee the game you play will be Jacks or Better. The entire pay table […]

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