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Super Bowl Makes Annual Appearance in Las Vegas By Buzz Daly   Just in time to rescue a nation badly in need of a remedy for the winter blahs and distraction from relentless politically-inspired turmoil, we get to celebrate our favorite unofficial national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday. Ostensibly, the Super Bowl crowns the NFL’s best […]


Sports Books hope March Madness mirrors Super Bowl success By Buzz Daly   Hitting a parlay is the best-case scenario for bettors since it generates maximum return for minimum risk. That is how Las Vegas anticipates the profits of parlaying the Super Bowl with March Madness, which follows just a few weeks later. These are […]


Expansion of mobile sports wagering fuels industry growth By Sean Chaffin The Denver Broncos may have been a winner for many Super Bowl 50 bettors in 2016, but it was Nevada casinos that cleaned up – with a record $132.5 million wagered on the game within the state. That total topped the previous record of […]


New pari-mutuel fantasy betting scores big among Vegas sports books By Buzz Daly   Until recently, the newest twist in sports betting – daily fantasy sports – completely bypassed Las Vegas as the issues of implementation, licensing and of course feasibility were unresolved. The intense TV promotion of daily fantasy sports last year by a […]


Here’s what’s going on in the sports betting industry By Buzz Daly   With slim pickins’ in the sports books this month, Las Vegas endures triple-digit temperatures that lull sun-baked sports bettors into letting their bankrolls hibernate, while the boys that take our bets are plotting ways to kick start the action for the coming […]


There’s a growing army of legal sports betting proponents By Buzz Daly   Not everyone buys into the notion that evolution is for real and a positive development. Darwin’s theory still has nonbelievers, and evolved modern man is considered a wimp by some women. But the burgeoning evolution that is changing negative attitudes about legal […]

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