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Hubris By Frank Scoblete The ancient Greeks had a term for overweening pride: hubris. The great Greek playwright Aeschylus in his masterful play Agamemnon wrote about how the gods seek to destroy men who put themselves above other men. Those great kings whose heads rise too high and who “count their kills by company” must […]

The Blame Game

Responsibility for Losses: The House Edge, or You? by Frank Scoblete   My wife, the beautiful A.P., and I walk three to six miles just about every morning. We love this time, just as the sun rises, to talk, to think, to reflect together. Today A.P. asked, “What percentage of responsibility do you take for […]

The Ratings Game

There are ways to get more comps by Frank Scoblete True story time. A hard-of-hearing football coach was at the craps tables in Atlantic City, playing for the very first time, and he was having a really bad run. The floorperson came over to him and asked him, “Do you want us to rate you?” […]

Predicting The Unpredictable in Gambling

The faulty logic of believing in gambling streaks It’s simultaneously fun and somewhat scary to watch the emotional way in which proponents of streak betting discuss their approach to gambling. Despite long-term losses, despite the evidence of their own experiences telling them they are totally wrong, they remain absolutely firm in their convictions. Life seems […]

Glory Days in Blackjack

Gambling at The Maxim, home of the perfect blackjack game Money was flowing in torrents everywhere you looked. It was hard to get a hotel room. Players of all experience levels and bankroll sizes figured this was a casino where they could win. By Frank Scoblete I remember the days of “perfect” blackjack games in […]

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