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Blowing It

Do betting systems really work? By Frank Scoblete   I doubt many casino players can honestly say that they have never made a mistake in their playing careers. I know I can’t. In one of my first visits to the casinos, I played the Martingale at roulette. This was in the old Sands casino in […]

Go Up or Go Down?

Don’t expect to go from rags to riches in one or two sessions By Frank Scoblete   You’ve taken a bit of a hammering at your favorite table game or games. It’s been a really tough session or day and/or night and/or trip. You’ve lost a significant amount of the money you brought for this […]

Enough’s Enough

When it’s time to call it a night By Frank Scoblete   There is a time to quit; to call it a night or day or morning. Things have gone to the point where you cannot afford to lose another cent and you won’t because you are ready to say, “Enough’s enough.” Every casino player […]

Sizing Up Your Bankroll

How much cash should a video poker player bring to the casino? By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   Winning is obviously the best way to have fun on a video poker machine, but as we know, most sessions will not be winners. In fact, even if you’re a pretty good player, losing sessions will probably outnumber […]

You Only Live Twice

Stretch your bankroll and avoid the deadly days By Frank Scoblete   I am sure most of our slot-playing readers have been there before. You come to the casino with your bankroll. You might be staying at the casino for an afternoon or an evening or even a few days. You start playing, get into a […]


How to enjoy responsible gambling when you’re being responsible and staying home. By Roger Gros   YOU LOVE GOING TO CASINOS. You enjoy the planning and anticipation of a trip to the casino. You know how to budget your money to get the most bang for your buck. Choose your poison! Slots? Blackjack? Video poker? […]


Sometimes you just have to leave the casino before it’s too late By Frank Scoblete   There are times to “run” in a casino and, perhaps, to do other things in addition to that. Let’s take a look at some scenarios and see what should be done.   SCENARIO 1: I am getting hammered. I […]


Escaping reality can be a costly mistake   If you are an average gambler on a multiple day trip to a place like Las Vegas, you arrive at your hotel, drop your bags off in your room and immediately head to the casino.  You then plop yourself down at the first open machine and start […]


When a “winning system” sounds too good to be true, odds are it is.   Some self-proclaimed casino experts will tell you about “betting systems” that will give you an advantage over the house. One of the most infamous systems is the Martingale, which has been around for many years—and has wound up crushing a […]


Protect your bankroll like a pro By Frank Scoblete   You are a $10 blackjack player and you buy in for $300 and go about your business trying to beat the house. You know the computer derived basic strategy and you use it exclusively. You do not have an edge over the game but it […]

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