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Sometimes you just have to leave the casino before it’s too late

By Frank Scoblete


There are times to “run” in a casino and, perhaps, to do other things in addition to that. Let’s take a look at some scenarios and see what should be done.


SCENARIO 1: I am getting hammered. I just can’t seem to win in this session. What should I do? I was thinking of getting more money from my safe in my room. Or maybe I should ask the casino for more credit? I came to play and I can’t play without chips, right? My bad luck has to change, right? Losing a little here and there is okay; but this is ridiculous. Give me advice.”

ADVICE: Run! Take a break, maybe a long break. Can you keep losing? Sure. You can go from being hammered to being tremendously hammered. It is possible to come back, but a rest is the best remedy for the horror you are experiencing. The casino isn’t going anywhere. But you could be going somewhere – down the drain! Never dig into your pockets, purse or wallet to get more money. That’s not a good idea.


SCENARIO 2: I am winning. From the very first moment in the game! I am winning about three of every four decisions; maybe even more! I have never had such a great winning streak. I’ve only been playing about forty minutes and I came to play a lot but now? I don’t want to lose all the money I won by continuing to play, but I am here for two days. What should I do?”

ADVICE: Run! Or if you really have this need to play – as if one voice is telling you “play, play, play” but another voice is cautioning you “Leave! Leave! Leave” and you are torn. Do both! Here’s an example:

Take the money you started with as your session stake and put that aside. You will not use any of that for the rest of the session. Now, take half of your win and put that aside. You will not play with any of that for the rest of the session. What remains, meaning half of your win, use that to finance your play.

In a sense you have run away from a possible loss. In a sense you have stayed to play some more. You are getting more play, but you have guaranteed yourself a win.

Now what happens if you keep winning? Every so often, take some more money out of your continuing win and put that aside. However, if you find yourself beginning to lose, you stop and – run! Wait a while for another session. While you wait, savor your win!

SCENARIO 3: I wanted to stop playing for a while so I asked the floor person for a comp for lunch and he told me to play another 20 minutes and then he walked off. I admit I am not a high roller or any- thing of that sort but I figured I had played for about an hour and a half. Shouldn’t I have gotten a lunch comp? Or should I play another 20 minutes?

ADVICE: Run! Never play for comps, whether you are a high roller or a low roller; those comps will come or they won’t come. The longer you play casino games the better the chance the casino will be ahead of you. Play the allotted time you had figured and be satisfied with that. Probably on your next session you will get the comp since you’ll have two sessions of play under your belt. Again, never play for comps.


SCENARIO 4: I have a “friend,” let’s call him Mr. Annoying, okay? This fellow enjoys craps and I like craps too. It is an exciting game I’ll say that. But I enjoy playing very conservatively; Mr. Annoying on the other hand plays like a maniac. I mean he makes every, what I call, stupid bet. Okay, fine, that’s his money after all.

But here’s the thing; when we are winning and a shooter is having a good roll, he keeps bugging me to up my bets and to make some of the stupid bets that he makes. He thinks because we are having a good session that I should go all out. He doesn’t seem to realize all the money he loses between good rolls on all those bad rolls makes it impossible for him to catch up. I play my conservative game and that’s that.

I am at a loss what to tell this guy. Oh, by the way, he’s my brother!

ADVICE: Run! Look, I don’t mean to cause trouble in a family but he is obviously what the casinos call an “action” player, the best kind of player for the casino, but not the best role-model for a player such as you. If a private conversation where you tell him – in a gentle way – to be quiet doesn’t work, then you either have to put up with him or you have to schedule your playing time without him at the table.

Sometimes friends and relatives can be as big a problem as the house edge. They can make an enjoyable time not so enjoyable.

All I can say to you is this:

All the best in and out of the casinos!

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