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Casino Math (House edge %) vs Real Math (ROI $$) By Garrison Russell   When players take a lesson at the craps table or read a book, the first thing they’re taught is always make a pass line bet and a come bet and take your odds because you’re getting a lower house edge. Unfortunately […]


When play becomes work, it’s time for a change By Frank Scoblete   I’ve heard them and I am sure you have heard them; in fact, just about everyone I know has heard them. Their famous quote is this: “I need a vacation from my vacation!” Even a singular one-day trip to the casino can […]


The technology for cashless slot play is here.  Will players use it? By Frank Legato   There have been many advancements in technology over the years that have significantly altered the experience of slot play. There was the computerization of the slot machine and subsequent“ virtual reel” technology that allowed jackpot levels to soar. There […]


To tip or not to tip the dealer By Al O’Grady   Let’s assume for a second that you are having a winning session at the blackjack table. Do you tip the dealer? If so, how much? If not, why not? This is a very contentious issue, and everyone has his or her own opinion. […]


The bankroll you save may be your own! By Jerry “Stickman” Stitch   It is early morning—my favorite time in a casino. There are very few people around so I have my choice of games. Also, with the dearth of gamblers, very little smoke and/or smokers are around. It is true what they say: There […]

Up In Smoke

Atlantic City Casinos face crossroads as smoking ban legislation advances   To puff or not to puff? That’s the question that has faced New Jersey and Pennsylvania legislators in recent weeks as both states have considered casino smoking bans. As the debate over casino smoking bans continues to unfold, we find ourselves amidst a contentious […]

Ask the Experts

Unveiling Insights and Solutions to Your Casino Gaming Questions   Currency Curse After reading the “Here’s A Tip” submission in your December 2023 Players Talk section, I was reminded of a question I have had. I thought it would be a good idea to take $2 bills with me for tips the next time I […]

Why Norwegian Online Casinos Are Worth Your Bet

  In the highly competitive gambling industry, most online casino platforms provide comparable experiences. From enticing bonuses and free spins to player-friendly banking options and robust security features, not much separates the top casino operators. And, since most reputable sites operate within the parameters of their respective licenses and regulations, players can feel assured they […]


Players share unconventional strategies and choices beyond house edge optimization By John Grochowski   One of the things I had to learn when I started to write about gambling 30 years ago was that it’s not the goal of every player to get the lowest possible house edge. Some players will choose other directions because […]


Unveiling the truth behind player theories and casino edge By Frank Scoblete   Casino players have various theories as to what is, and what is not, happening in the games they like to play. Some of their theories are indeed correct; some are wrong; and some are off the wall. One of the things that […]

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