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Remembering The Magic

Siegfried Fischbacher’s death conjures images of how he and partner Roy Horn changed Las Vegas entertainment By Frank Legato Las Vegas theaters may still be largely empty because of the coronavirus, but on the evening of January 14, the marquees in the front of Las Vegas Strip resorts all shone brightly with images of a […]

You Only Live Twice

Stretch your bankroll and avoid the deadly days By Frank Scoblete   I am sure most of our slot-playing readers have been there before. You come to the casino with your bankroll. You might be staying at the casino for an afternoon or an evening or even a few days. You start playing, get into a […]


The odds of winning are against you, but one can always hope By Frank Scoblete   Almost all casino players know this truth: given some time, or a long time, or starting right now this morning, this afternoon or tonight, they will wind up losing. They know that the house has the edge over them […]


The pros and cons of our favorite table games By Frank Scoblete   It is important for those of you who play casino games to under- stand the pro aspects of the games you enjoy playing (or wish to enjoy playing) as well as the con aspects. I have not delineated the carnival games as […]


Don’t share your story with strangers unless asked By Frank Scoblete   I’m in the elevator waiting to go up to my room. An older couple step in and up we go. My room is all the way at the top of the hotel. So is the older couple’s. They seem like pleasant people. When […]


Players often violate those unwritten rules. Stop it! By Frank Scoblete   When I was a kid and the adult would lecture me on my manners. I always thought, “Doesn’t she [or he] have something better to do?” Men generally told me how to be a man and women told me how to be a […]


Casinos are for adults, like candy is for children By Frank Scoblete Carol, close your eyes.” “Mommy, what is it?” “Close your eyes.” Carol closed her eyes. Mommy opened the doors. More light was hitting her closed eyes than before. What was going to happen now? “Open your eyes Carol. Open them real wide.” Carol […]


Having a better time at the tables By John Grochowski   All players have their own approaches to casino visits. The games they play, the sizes of their bankrolls and bets and the strategies they use are all subject to individual tastes and circumstances. Some of that translates into helpful hints experienced  players can pass […]


As casinos reopen across the country, new safety guidelines are changing the way we gamble The past few months have been a rough road for casinos and gamblers alike. With the onslaught of the dreaded COVID-19, casinos everywhere shuttered their doors in an effort to slow the rising threat. But now, at long last, things […]


How to enjoy responsible gambling when you’re being responsible and staying home. By Roger Gros   YOU LOVE GOING TO CASINOS. You enjoy the planning and anticipation of a trip to the casino. You know how to budget your money to get the most bang for your buck. Choose your poison! Slots? Blackjack? Video poker? […]

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