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Blowing It

Do betting systems really work? By Frank Scoblete   I doubt many casino players can honestly say that they have never made a mistake in their playing careers. I know I can’t. In one of my first visits to the casinos, I played the Martingale at roulette. This was in the old Sands casino in […]

Go Up or Go Down?

Don’t expect to go from rags to riches in one or two sessions By Frank Scoblete   You’ve taken a bit of a hammering at your favorite table game or games. It’s been a really tough session or day and/or night and/or trip. You’ve lost a significant amount of the money you brought for this […]

Enough’s Enough

When it’s time to call it a night By Frank Scoblete   There is a time to quit; to call it a night or day or morning. Things have gone to the point where you cannot afford to lose another cent and you won’t because you are ready to say, “Enough’s enough.” Every casino player […]

The Games We Love Not To Play

Players share experiences on table game play By John Grochowski   If you’re the kind of casino player who likes to try a lot of different games, you’re going to run into games you just don’t like. A jackpot hunter might not go for blackjack, where successful sessions mean grinding out a profit. Players who […]

Casino Connection

MAXBET TV brings the gaming community together in one place for fun and games, networking and education By Frank Legato   These days, there are a thousand places you can learn about the world of casinos. Casino Player and our sister publication Strictly Slots certainly have a wealth of expert information about the games, the […]


Revealing the truth about winning back-to-back jackpots By John Grochowski   I’ve received many an email, phone call, and—in days of yore— letters delivered through the U.S. Postal Service, asking if it’s possible to hit more than one big jackpot in a short time on the same machine. The questions aren’t always precisely in these […]

Impeccable Insight

Ten Things You Would Not Know About the Business Side of Casinos By Steve Kieva   Emerald Island Casino and Rainbow Club Casino in Henderson, NV, have a casino floor team that really delivers on providing a fun and exciting guest experience. The superior guest service, great food and warm, friendly vibe make both properties […]

It Ain’t What It Seems

The truth about hot streaks By Frank Scoblete   The world of the casino inside the heads of many casino players is not the world of the casino inside the heads of the folks who know casinos, run casinos, and often have to talk to patrons who see the casino world in a very, very […]


Wrong thoughts and true feelings By Frank Scoblete   If you read a lot about casino gambling, be it about table games or slot machines or some combination of both, you run across plenty of the true and plenty of the false. Most good writers give you the math and the underpinnings of the games. […]


A look at video blackjack By John Grochowski   In most state gaming commission revenue reports, wagering totals and payouts are listed for electronic gaming devices. The category isn’t “slot machines,” and that’s deliberate. In the information they release to the public, casinos and regulators do not differentiate among slot machines and other electronic games […]

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