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A frustrated video poker player looks for help By Henry Tamburin   I received the following email from a frustrated video poker player (Mary, but not her real name). I decided to make it the topic of my column this month. This is what Mary wrote. “I followed your advice and practicing my playing strategy […]


Understand rewards for slot and video poker players By John Grochowski There is no one standard for casinos in awarding free play, cash back, meals, rooms and other comps. Each casino has its own marketing goals, its own standards for determining what should be done to keep its most valuable customers coming back for more. […]

Video Poker Innovations

Slots aren’t the only games with new options By John Grochowski   Every year, slot machine manufacturers roll out hundreds of new games in an eternal game of “can you top this?” More innovative use of the reels, more interactive bonuses, more exciting sound and video combinations— more, more, more. And slot players revel in […]

Changing Times for Video Poker

Strategy changes for short-pay Jacks or Better By Jerry “Stickman” Stitch   Gone are the golden days of video poker when you could readily find returns of 100+ percent. Those games are now virtually extinct. You can still find some full-pay Jacks or Better (9/6 – meaning 9-for-1 paid for a full house and 6-for-1 […]


How to analyze your risk playing video poker By Henry Tamburin   There is an excellent software program that does accurate bankroll and risk-of-ruin (i.e., RoR) calculations for a wide variety of video poker games. The author of the program is “Dunbar,” a professional gambler who has a strong mathematical background and a Ph.D. in […]


Wrong guesses can lead to disaster By John Grochowski   Electronic casino games have always been subject to a little mythology. You can’t see what’s driving the slot reels or watch the video poker cards being shuffled and dealt the way you can watch a blackjack dealer turn up the cards or a roulette dealer […]


Dealt winning hands that you should toss By Henry Tamburin   You might think that’s a strange topic for an article. I mean, come on, why would anyone want to throw away a dealt winning hand in video poker? Stay with me and I’ll explain. It’s true that the majority of times you should hold […]


Think you’re an ace at video poker? See if you know how to match pay tables with the correct strategy By John Grochowski   My friend Bill is a video poker enthusiast—one who remembers how exciting it was when he first realized the difference that strategy makes. “My wife and I were gearing up for […]

Don’t Be Fooled Again

“Identical” video poker machines might have very important differences By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   Just because two video poker machines have the same name, and the pay tables look the same, does not necessarily mean they are exactly the same game. I was reminded of this recently when I visited a casino with a good […]

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