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Playing The Percentages in Tournament

Stop losing sleep over the near-misses, and find other ways to win By Kevin Blackwood     By trying different formats, you might find some hidden gems. For example, I primarily play Multi-Table Tournaments, but a while back I started adding some Sit And Go tournaments to my schedule and I’ve had great results. Let’s […]

The Basics of Four Card Poker

Anyone can play this new poker-based table game by Henry Tamburin   It’s funny how I learn about new table games. I was speaking on blackjack at the Gambler’s Jamboree at Casino Windsor when I decided between talks to attend fellow gaming writer John Grochowski’s seminar. One of the games that John covered was Four […]

Thinning the Field – Caro on Poker

Study all the scenarios before making your move   One of the weirdest impromptu poker lectures I ever witnessed happened in the player’s lounge near a poker room about 1986. Ralph was about 30, married, a father and the poster child for “Parents for Penny Pinching.” I mean, this guy actually grimaced if he had […]

Sun, Sand and Straight Flushes in Poker

Cruises create a poker player’s paradise by Len Butcher   Sun. Sand. Straight flush. What more could anyone who loves traveling and playing poker want? And that’s just what Classic Gaming Cruises offers, including a lot more, for those looking for the perfect vacation. Classic Gaming Cruises have been operating for more than 10 years, […]

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