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Delta Gold Poker Classic Results

The Gold Strike Casino Resort in Tunica, Mississippi reported the results for events No. 7 and No. 19 in its Delta Gold Poker Classic tournament.

Note that in Event No. 7, the players agreed to “chop” the pot, so each took home $1038, except for Francis Anton who had the largest chip stack and was declared the winner (he took home $1046 and the bracelet).


Event No. 7 results:

1st       Francis Anton             Memphis, TN   $1,046

2nd     Faith Bazemore          Eatonton, GA   $1,038

3rd      Kelley Holt                  Muscle Shoals, AL   $1,038

4th      Raymond Weaver       Birmingham, AL        $1,038

5th      Clint Holt                     Muscle Shoals, AL   $1,038

6th      Lacey Coffey               Houston, TX     $1,038

7th      Gerald Austin              Huron, TN        $1,038

8th      Francis Roy                  Pikeville, TN     $1,038

9th      Latosia Crutcher         Memphis, TN   $1,038


Event No. 19 results:


1st      Chico Pho                   Memphis, TN                 $3,911

2nd     Bob Roberts              Bryant, AL                      $2,064

3rd      Daniel Klein              Miami Beach, FL            $1,304

4th      Clayton Howard      Memphis, TN                  $869

5th      Stephen Jones           Madison, MS                  $760

6th      Amanda McDonald     Birmingham, AL         $652

7th      Robert Haydon           Winchester, TN              $543

8th      Marvin Turnage          Southaven, MS              $435

9th        Kevin Gregory            Collman, AL           $326


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