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Crown Champ

New Champion Crowned in World Series of Poker Main Event By Sean Chaffin   After battling for nine days, Germany’s Koray Aldemir rose to the top in the World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event in November. The 31-year-old poker pro scored $8 million and the championship gold bracelet for the victory. “It’s just the dream […]


Observe opponents through critical analysis and then attack!   A poker “Soul Read” is when a player supposedly looks into the heart of their opponent and through some innate power is able to see their cards—then trumps them with a perfect play. Now, I’ve never played against a soothsayer in a Vegas Mentalist show, but […]

Live Poker Eases Toward Normalcy

Your guide to a summer filled with live poker play By Sean Chaffin   Live poker is back, at least what most players regard as the normal version of the game—no partitions, no masks, friendly table talk and plenty of fun. This month, Casino Player looks at the returning face of live poker as well […]

Setting The Pace

The advantages of playing slow By Jack Clayton   We live in a hectic world. Fast cars, fast food, a speedy work environment, and technology that increases how much we try and cram into one day. Instead of quietly reading the newspaper over a coffee in the morning, we get our news from instantaneous tweets, […]


Observe and focus on your opponents By Jack Clayton The rise in poker popularity the last decade has skyrocketed. Draw poker, stud, community card, Texas Hold ’Em and Omaha are all challenging variants and the interest has been phenomenal— and profitable, if you know when to hold ’em, fold ’em and bluff. There is so […]


Use blockers to become a better poker player By Jack Clayton   Block and tackle, anyone? Not the kind associated with fishing or football, but poker. “Blockers” are cards in your hand that limit the combinations of strong hands your opponents may have. It’s defense through simple math. The cards that are visible in your […]


A look at 5 poker pros who went broke and what became of them By Sean Chaffin   Going broke certainly isn’t fun. While it may seem like a rite of passage among professional poker players, the reality is a tough situation. Poker players still have rent or a mortgage, bills to pay, and need […]


In real estate and in poker, location is everything By Jack Clayton   Let’s talk about positioning. No, not leaning back in the recliner. You can do that anytime to relax. More like positioning in social circles, trying to meet the smartest or most influential people to learn how they think and go about things. […]


The ins and outs of successful bluffing By Jack Clayton   Lying gets a bad name – and it should. Nobody likes to be fooled, told untruths or doubt what someone tells them. Trust is like a China plate; once it’s cracked it’s impossible to get it back to its original state. I once asked […]


Knowing what to bet and when is half the battle By Jack Clayton   We are bombarded with choices about numbers every day. How much is this item? How much is that? Gas costs how much? It doesn’t go away at the poker tables, either. One of the dilemmas we experience at the tables constantly […]

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