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Debunking Slot Club Myths

Let’s cut through the superstitions and explain how players clubs really work By H. Scot Krause   The truth is that no machine—no matter how long it’s gone between jackpots—is ever “due” to pay out. The machines are random, and that means that basically anything can happen—including hot streaks and long, cold runs, and everything […]

Harrah’s Total Rewards 101

Understanding the basics of America’s most popular player’s club By Michael Shackleford   “At the Diamond Level,  lots of perks kick in—including access to VIP lines, private registration rooms and the Diamond lounges, which provide beverages and snacks. In addition, you receive better offers, free bonus reward credits and golf discounts.” Wherever you choose to […]

My Borgata – Slot Club

Meets all the requirements to make it a favorite slot club by Jeffrey Compton   I am usually loath to answer the question “What is your favorite slot club?” However, I have no problem answering the question “What is your favorite slot club in Atlantic City?” because I do have a clear choice—the My Borgata Rewards […]

Rules & Strategy – Player’s Club

Rules & Strategy Player’s Club Casino comps can take on a wide range of forms. In traditional or “land-based” casinos free rooms, cash rewards, show tickets, and free meals are the coin of the realm. It’s pretty much “the sky’s the limit” depending on how big a player you are. In online casinos, you don’t […]

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