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Traditional reel-spinners survive and adapt By Frank Legato Slot machines these days take on many forms. Giant curved screens face players in curved chairs, forming a cocoon that immerses them in the game. Other giant-screen slots offer intense video graphics on a screen approaching cinematic size, in front of dual-play benches. Then there are the […]


Myth busting modern slot machines By John Grochowski   Slot machines have had their own set of myths practically since Day One. Specifics have evolved with slot technology, but mythology persists. That’s normal enough. You can’t see random numbers being generated so the mind fills in the gaps. Let’s try a little mythbusting about modern […]


The bankroll you save may be your own! By Jerry “Stickman” Stitch   It is early morning—my favorite time in a casino. There are very few people around so I have my choice of games. Also, with the dearth of gamblers, very little smoke and/or smokers are around. It is true what they say: There […]


How jackpots work in the Deuces games By John Grochowski   When video poker rocketed to popularity in the 1980s after its invention by Si Redd in the 1970s, a couple of things became apparent that still influence games today: Players will flock to video games that give them frequent paybacks and a good shot […]


Payback percentage, and its effect on overall play, remains misunderstood By Frank Legato   For decades, readers of this magazine and our sister publication, Casino Player, have been given information on what many feel is the most important statistic in the world of slot machines: the payback percentage. These days, as online casinos spread, the […]

Up In Smoke

Atlantic City Casinos face crossroads as smoking ban legislation advances   To puff or not to puff? That’s the question that has faced New Jersey and Pennsylvania legislators in recent weeks as both states have considered casino smoking bans. As the debate over casino smoking bans continues to unfold, we find ourselves amidst a contentious […]

Poker Notes

Daniel Negreanu reflects on 2023 losses, New York eyes online poker, MIT offers free poker courses By Sean Chaffin   This month’s “Poker Notes” takes players behind the bad beats and major payouts. Instead, check out a deep analysis of Daniel Negreanu’s seven-figure losses in 2023 and what he plans on doing about it. Players […]

Favorites, New and Old

The newest slot games include standouts, but there’s still room for the classic By Frank Legato In November, I used this space to opine on my personal favorites among the new slot games that were introduced at the October industry trade show. As noted, my favorite new game is a Class II game from Eclipse […]

15 Tips for Novice Blackjack Players

A better understanding of the basics can mean a world of difference By Henry Tamburin   In the world of blackjack, knowledge is power, especially for novices eager to try their hand at the tables. Reprinted from the October 2014 edition of Casino Player magazine, the timeless wisdom shared here serves as a vital compass […]

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