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Online casino bonuses and promotions: A beginner’s guide

  In the vast and exciting world of online casinos, bonuses and promotions stand as enticing gateways to a realm of enhanced gaming experiences and increased winning opportunities. For beginners, understanding the intricacies of these bonuses and promotions can be the key to unlocking a more rewarding and thrilling online casino experience. Understanding the Basics: […]

Crazy Casino Crime Capers

  Some people handle losing better than others, and December saw a couple of bizarre cases where casino guests probably should have done some things differently. In Pennsylvania, a 45-year-old Harrisburg man was rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped in an elevator at the Hollywood Casino in Grantville. Authorities allege that the predicament was one […]

Unveiling the Strategy:

Why Video Poker and Slot Machines Incorporate Pushes and Small Wins in Gameplay Design By John Grochowski   If you’re a video slot player, no doubt you’ve sometimes thought it’s not a real win if your payback is less than your wager. Video poker players have similar thoughts about high pairs that just get their […]

Ask the Experts

Unveiling Insights and Solutions to Your Casino Gaming Questions   Currency Curse After reading the “Here’s A Tip” submission in your December 2023 Players Talk section, I was reminded of a question I have had. I thought it would be a good idea to take $2 bills with me for tips the next time I […]

A Different Animal

Online slot games turn the payback-percentage model on its ear By Frank Legato   For 35 years, this magazine and its sister publication, Strictly Slots, have advised players on where to find the highest payback percentages on slot machines. By way of definition, a payback percentage is the percentage of all wagers, from all players […]

Demystifying Modern Slot Machines

Unveiling the Truth Behind Common Misconceptions By John Grochowski   Slot machines have had their own set of myths practically since Day One. Specifics have evolved with slot technology, but mythology persists. That’s normal enough. You can’t see random numbers being generated so the mind fills in gaps. Let’s try a little mythbusting about modern […]


Dispelling Notions of Rigged Video Poker Machines By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   I have friends who firmly believe that casinos “fix” their video poker machines. They feel the casinos are cheating by not giving a random game, and in support of their beliefs, they cite some of the following observations: Have you ever noticed when […]

‘Cornsquealius’ in the Room

AGS debuts its first themed gaming area to capitalize on the popularity of the Rakin’ Bacon! franchise By Frank Legato In the first glory days of the themed slot machine, casino slot floors were dominated by one slot after another based on TV, movies, music or other elements of popular culture. In more recent years, […]

Saving Money in the Casino

How to keep the edge on your next gaming session by Frank Scoblete   We don’t usually think of casinos as institutions where you can save money. So true. The casino is a place where we spend money on games where the casino has an edge over us and on food, rooms, drinks, shows, sporting […]

Why Norwegian Online Casinos Are Worth Your Bet

  In the highly competitive gambling industry, most online casino platforms provide comparable experiences. From enticing bonuses and free spins to player-friendly banking options and robust security features, not much separates the top casino operators. And, since most reputable sites operate within the parameters of their respective licenses and regulations, players can feel assured they […]

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