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After The Jackpot Slot Games

The dream of every slot player—winning a life-changing jackpot—can turn into a financial nightmare if you don’t manage your money properly. Here are some tips to prepare you for hitting the big one. By Ted Oglesby   In the October issue of Strictly Slots, Bill Burton wrote a very interesting article about how easy it […]

Double Or Nothing Bankroll

What’s the fastest way to double your bankroll, when you’re willing to risk losing it all?   If you or I really wanted to go about this risky business, what would we play? To start with, you’d want to avoid any multi-part bets. We’re looking for a game that allows us to put all of […]

Found Money Is Often Lost – Jackpot

How prepared are you to win a life-altering jackpot? By Bill Burton   I’m sure many of you have read about athletes who signed multi-million dollar contracts right out of school, only to wind up broke after their playing careers ended. They essentially won the equivalent of a life-changing jackpot, but squandered it due to […]

Cash Is King – Casino

Why using credit cards in a casino is a losing proposition By Bill Burton     In the casino, the only piece of plastic you should be whipping out in the casino is your players club card, so that you can earn points and comps.   “What’s in Your Wallet?” That’s the catch phrase of […]

Taking It To The Limit in Slots

How much should you bet on a slot?   Many games require a certain minimum wager to activate all the features, but not all require the maximum bet.   Some of the most frequent questions we receive concerning slot machines boil down to this question: “How much do I have to bet?” More often than […]

Controlling Your Cash in Casino

Finding your comfort zone by Bill Burton   Avoid stressful casino visits by knowing, and staying, within your limits I’m sure you’ve all heard stories about the big wins (and losses) that your friends have had at the casino. People love to tell stories about their casino adventures, especially when they win big. But when I […]

Your Own Worst Enemy in Casino

Learn to have some self-control before hitting the casino by Bill Burton   Pop singer Pink wrote a song titled “Don’t Let Me Get Me.” The lyrics included the lines, “Don’t let me get me. I’m a hazard to myself. I’m my own worst enemy.” In the old Pogo cartoon strip, the lead character once […]

Vegas on $100 a day

Don’t Need Big Bucks to have a blast by Megan G. Downs Don’t get me wrong, I love my family-¬both immediate and extended. But after two weeks of continuous visiting and cooking three squares a day for what turned out to be a marathon mini family reunion, I needed a vacation. Alone. I didn’t have […]

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