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The Blame Game

Responsibility for Losses: The House Edge, or You? by Frank Scoblete   My wife, the beautiful A.P., and I walk three to six miles just about every morning. We love this time, just as the sun rises, to talk, to think, to reflect together. Today A.P. asked, “What percentage of responsibility do you take for […]

The Big Swing

The Big Swing by Basil Nestor When players hear the word “volatility,” they often picture a drunk guy who is red in the face and complaining about his bad hand. He is belligerent, criticizing the dealer, and generally being volatile. Yuck.We call that sort of volatility being “on tilt,” and it certainly can kill a […]

Predicting The Unpredictable in Gambling

The faulty logic of believing in gambling streaks It’s simultaneously fun and somewhat scary to watch the emotional way in which proponents of streak betting discuss their approach to gambling. Despite long-term losses, despite the evidence of their own experiences telling them they are totally wrong, they remain absolutely firm in their convictions. Life seems […]

Gamble Online – Casino Gambling

Online Casino Gambling There are well over 1000 online casinos active on the Internet today. With so many options, deciding the best place to join can be as much of a gamble as actually playing. In an effort to help you make the best decision possible, we’ve gone through a database of online casinos and […]

Gamble Online – Getting Started

Becoming an Online Gambler There’s a lot more to online gambling than casino games. Anyone who has followed the Worlds Series of Poker for the past few years knows that slowly but surely online poker players have started to creep in from anonymity and take center stage. They’ve even had the audacity to win the […]

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