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A look at video blackjack By John Grochowski   In most state gaming commission revenue reports, wagering totals and payouts are listed for electronic gaming devices. The category isn’t “slot machines,” and that’s deliberate. In the information they release to the public, casinos and regulators do not differentiate among slot machines and other electronic games […]


Tips for playing a double-deck blackjack game By Henry Tamburin   Recently, I received questions from two different blackjack players that dealt with playing a double-deck game, which I decided to make the topic of my column this month. The first question came from a basic strategy player who normally plays an eight-deck blackjack game. […]


Blackjack players rant about their pet peeves By Henry Tamburin In my column in the October 2015 issue of Casino Player, I ranted about my pet peeves when I play blackjack. At the conclusion of the column, I asked readers to send me their pet peeves, promising I would publish them in Casino Player. Well, […]


Choosing the best version of blackjack By Henry Tamburin Has this ever happened to you? You enter a casino to play blackjack and spot an empty seat at one blackjack table, and another at an adjacent table. Both tables have posted $10 minimum bets. The dealer on one table is dealing a double-deck game, pitching […]

Fact or Fiction?

Test your blackjack knowledge By Henry Tamburin Are the following statements about the game of blackjack facts, or are they fiction? The house always has the edge in blackjack. Referring to a strategy card when you play blackjack is perfectly legal. A blackjack player who misplays his hands will always cause other players to lose. […]

Ultimate Guide To Blackjack

By Henry Tamburin Note: I’ve received many inquiries from Casino Player readers about the new Ultimate Guide to Blackjack that I’ve written; therefore, I decided to make it the focus of my column this month. I’ll start at the beginning as to why I decided to take on this project. Does the world need another […]

The Blackjack Quiz

How well will you do in this true or false challenge? By Henry Tamburin I decided to do something different this month so I created a true/false black-jack quiz. Go ahead and give it a try. It’s easy, it’s fun, and you might just learn a thing or two about blackjack. (Answers are at the […]

Blackjack FAQs

Questions and answers on a casino favorite By Henry Tamburin   Blackjack continues to be the most popular table game in casinos. The reason is that it is an easy game to learn how to play, it’s a beatable game, and it’s possible to win often by learning the correct playing strategies (i.e., the house […]

How to play your 12

The complete rules for playing that 12 By Henry Tamburin   A 12 in blackjack is considered a “ho-hum” hand; however, many players misplay it regardless of how long they have played blackjack. I’ll summarize how to play your 12 perfectly every time no matter what the composition of the cards in your hand, the […]

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