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Variations on a Theme

Tips for playing blackjack abroad By Henry Tamburin   It’s exciting to visit an exotic place and win lots of money playing blackjack. However, nothing can be more frustrating when you return home and the U.S. customs agent asks, “Sir, where did you get all that money from?”   Blackjack is blackjack, right? Not necessarily, […]

How Would You Play These Hands?

Test your blackjack savvy on these tough hands by Henry Tamburin   Think you know how to play your hands in blackjack? Then give these a try. If you think this quiz was easy, it wasn’t. Reason? I didn’t specify the playing rules or the number of decks of cards, and these variables determine the […]

When to Wave the White Flag

Use the surrender rule to reduce the house edge By Henry Tamburin   It’s no secret that the casinos in Pennsylvania have some of the best blackjack games in the country. One of the reasons for this is the surrender rule, which must be offered (by regulation) at every blackjack game in every casino in […]

The Price for Playing “Your” Way

How much do your playing errors cost you? By Henry Tamburin   So if basic strategy is readily available, why don’t all players use it when they play blackjack? I believe it’s because many players don’t understand the logic of basic strategy, they don’t understand the costs when they deviate from basic strategy, and because […]

Holy Rollers

An interview with Colin Jones Co-Founder of “The Church of Blackjack Card-Counting Team” By Henry Tamburin   After Colin Jones graduated from college in 2002, his friend Ben Crawford told him about a book on card counting and suggested he read it. Colin did and he gradually began to earn money at blackjack. After he […]

The Ultimate Blackjack Quiz

Are you up for the challenge? By Henry Tamburin   The truth is, most typical blackjack players are suckers. Their knowledge of the odds is poor, their logic is worse, and they want to blame their losing on everybody else.   I have composed and read many “blackjack quizzes” during my career but the one […]

The Road To Mastery

The step-by-step process of becoming an expert blackjack player By Henry Tamburin   There is no magic bullet when it comes to winning at blackjack. It’s not like playing slots, where one lucky spin, no matter how long the odds, can result in a life-changing payout. It’s a slow grind and a journey that begins […]

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Shining a light on some great (and not so great) blackjack games around the country By Henry Tamburin I have several reporters who visit casinos in different areas of the U.S. and then file reports on the blackjack playing conditions, which are published in my Blackjack Insider e-Newsletter. Based on these reports plus information I […]

Look Before You Leap in Blackjack

Know the rules of the game before you sit down to play Blackjack games By Henry Tamburin   Don’t sit down and play at any table until you know what the playing rules are. Otherwise, you might be playing a game with a higher than expected house edge.   I recently received two emails from […]

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