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Quiz Time!

Test your gaming knowledge. Are you up for the challenge?

by Frank Scoblete


If you know your casino gambling, you should have no problem with this test of all testing. If you don’t know your casino gambling, uh oh.


  1. Which is the most popular table-game in the casino? a.craps, b. blackjack, c. roulette, d. mini-baccarat, e. Pai Gow Poker
  1. Which is the most popular of all the games in the casino? a. slot machines, b. video poker machines, c. Wheel of Fortune, d. Big wheel, e. none of the above
  1. Blackjack is a close contest between player and casino because: a. computer-derived basic strategy gives players the best way to play their hands, b. streaks happen more frequently than in other games, c. smart players help new players win, d. dealers make a lot of mistakes, e. none of the above
  1. Craps has bets that come in with low edges such as: a. 6.67 percent, b. 1.52 percent, c. 11.11 percent, d. 1.41 percent, e. 1.83 percent
  1. Craps has two different approaches to the game: a. right-side bettors and place bettors, b. right-side bettors and poor bettors, c. right-side bettors and wrong bettors, d. happy players and sad players, e. none of the above
  1. Craps came about when the Northern players misunderstood the word: a. crabs, b. dice sets, c. English dice game, d. monopoly, e. none of the above
  1. The house edge at American roulette is: a. 3.56 percent, b. 2.7 percent, c. 9.1 percent, d. 5.26 percent, e. none of the above
  1. How many pockets are there in the American game of roulette? a. 38, b. 37, c. 36, d. 35, e. 34
  1. Decisions at slot machines are caused by the: a. RNG, b. wheels spinning, c. good or bad luck, d. the proper machine selection, e. none of the above
  1. Slot machines where the jackpot continues to rise until someone wins it are called: a. lucky machines, b. unlucky machines, c. progressive machines, d. regressive machines, e. quality machines
  1. According to basic strategy, when a player has two Aces or two 8’s, what should he or she do? a. stand on both hands, b. split each pair, c. split the Aces, d. split the 8’s, e. none of the above
  1. A hardways at craps is: a. a number made with the same number of pips on each die, b. a number made with two different kinds of pips on the dice, c. a number that is made with one die hitting the casino’s chips, d. a difficult number to make, e. none of the above
  1. The European game of roulette has how many pockets for the ball to land in? a. 38, b. 37, c. 36, d. 35, e. 34
  1. The following bet at roulette pays even money: a. red/black, b. trio, c. the street bet, d. the monster bet, e. none of the above
  1. The house edge in the European game of roulette is: a. 5 percent, b. 3.7 percent, c. 2.7 percent, d. 1.45 percent, e. none of the above
  1. This man is credited with discovering the 5-Count at craps: a. the Generalissimo, b. the Captain, c. the Major, d. the private first class, e. none of the above
  1. This woman was the best dice controller Frank Scoblete ever saw: a. the Killer, b. the Destroyer, c. the Arm, d. Daisy Dice Dame, e. none of the above
  1. In baccarat and mini-baccarat, this bet has the lowest house edge: a. player, b. bank, c. tie, d. bank and tie combined, e. none of the above
  1. Blackjacks occur about what percent of the hands? a. five percent, b. two percent, c. seven percent, d. 10 percent, e. none of the above
  1. This is one way to actually get the long-term mathematical edge at blackjack: a. be lucky, b. use someone else’s luck to set your hand, c. card counting, d. arguing with the dealer to scare him or her, e. none of the above
  1. The “odds bet” at craps has no house edge: a. true, b. false
  1. Money management can beat any game in the house: a. true, b. false
  1. The parlay betting technique was named after: a. the Paroli system, b. Joseph Parle, c. Prince William of Parliament, d. Edwin Thorton, e. none of the above
  1. Mini-baccarat is a slow game: a. true, b. false
  1. This game gives each player seven cards in which to make two different hands—a two-card hand, and a five-card hand:  blackjack, b. baccarat, c. Pai Gow Poker, d. poker norm, e. none of the above



  1. b
  2. a
  3. a
  4. d
  5. c
  6. a
  7. d
  8. a
  9. a
  10. c
  11. b
  12. a
  13. b
  14. a
  15. c
  16. b
  17. c
  18. b
  19. a
  20. c
  21. a
  22. b
  23. a
  24. b
  25. c




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