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The house doesn’t always win

By Frank Scoblete


[Please note: I wrote this and gave it to a few acquaintances and they all thought I was advocating the idiot stuff in this column. I wasn’t. I’m not. Andre is not me. He is wrong about just about everything when it comes to slot machines and casino gambling in general. I’ll let him speak for himself now. Be warned.]


Most slot players have no idea of how to play the machines and they have no idea of simplistic money managing of their finances or of getting credit at the casinos, which is all important. They are not all that smart, if you ask me, and I should know.

I have been playing the slots for 40 plus years and I have learned a lot. I know how to tackle the machines because they are programmed a certain way and no one seems to know how this is so. But I do and that comes from being observant and wise, if I do say so myself. You can’t be observing the machines for as long as I have and not have learned the truth of matters.

There is no actual computer program like the RNG that decides when a player will win or when a player will lose. The gambling writers just pretend this is so because they have no idea of what they are talking about on how the machines do work. The automatic part of a slot machine can be changed instantly. You heard me right— instantly.

The current machines do select winners in a way because they are programmed, but that programmed part can be interrupted in a second by the casino management. They watch the machines from the eyes in the sky. Those cameras that you see in those bubbles on the ceiling throughout the casino are looking right at you.

The management does not want players to lose on every spin on every machine because that would discourage the players from playing.

They want players to join their slot clubs, which can and will follow your play and assess what you are losing to keep those losses in a way that they don’t seem so bad and you will keep playing.

If you take the time to look at the back of the machine you will see something that resembles a light switch. If a member of the casino management knows you have been losing a lot and he or she is walking around the floor, he or she can just slip behind the machine and within a few seconds he or she will flip the switch on the back of the machine and it will start to pay out for a little while. That keeps the player playing.

I use the “he and she” so the ladies don’t get upset since they love slots as much as men do. My daughter, who is very nosy, told me that is what you must do today so I did it. My views on slot machines are more important than grammar.

More stuff that is important: First of all, there’s credit. You do not want to carry any cash in the casinos that is high enough to play if things are going bad. Things will go bad and you need casino credit to back up your play. You do not want to be losing and not have enough money to play. Being poor in a casino is not a good thing, if you ask me. Bring money but also get plenty of credit.

So have enough money behind you and have that casino credit too. Those are important words I speak and write. Casinos love to give out credit to players.

Many players think that when they are losing, they should quit. Not so. That is the absolutely wrong thing to do. If things are going bad, management can help you by flipping the switch, and just playing longer even without a switch flip always gives you a better chance to make some money. The more decisions on a machine, the better the chance you start hitting something no matter what. Quitters never win.

Casino credit and real money and playing long enough to kick you into the long run is what all slot players need.

Some people don’t know what the long run is but I do. It is thousands of decisions on the machines, and I mean many thousands of decisions on the machines. In the long run you have a chance for things to change big time and for some casino bosses to flip the switch and get you winning again or maybe winning for the first time. You can’t win unless you play a lot, my friends. That is the truth based on my experiences  and my analysis of playing slot machines.

Do not lose hope. Play and conduct yourselves as I recommend and you will be a potential winner, bar none.

You want to take it to the casinos and win a lot of money. No use playing slots just to win a few pennies. Big money can be made. Have faith and strength.

[Please note: This is Frank again. There is no switch on the back of the machine and the casino bosses do not change programming instantly while a player is playing because that player is losing. Credit is fine as long as you know not to borrow—which is what credit is, borrowing— and you must pay back what you owe on time. All the best in and out of the casinos!]


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