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Everything from zombies to worthless cash

By Frank Scoblete


Manufacturers of slot machines can sometimes go off the deep end. They can be all wet in their approach to what kinds of machines players actually want to play. Some of you might not know this, but a slot machine that I have seen in casinos is – now wait for this! – based on the Titanic. That’s right, the Titanic, specifically based on the movie by James Cameron.

Seriously, how could anyone desire to play a slot machine named after one of the greatest tragedies in history where about 1,500 people lost their lives in the horribly cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean? I mean the ending of the Titanic, no matter how you put it, is not exactly a glorious jackpot unless destruction and death are your things. Heck, the end of the movie doesn’t make you happy in any way, shape or form.

Now, yes, there are other slot machines that have death and destruction as their principle themes. Take for example The Walking Dead based on the television series of the same name.

The Walking Dead is a show based on the zombie apocalypse, where civilization ends when zombies arise from the dead in order to eat living humans in any disgusting way that they can manage. I mean zombies don’t even cook their victims; they just tear them to shreds, eating guts and internal organs and arms and legs and…well, I think you’ve heard enough.

The only way to actually kill a zombie (interesting that you can kill something that is already dead isn’t it?) is to shoot it in the head or stab it through the eyes or plunge something into the zombie’s brain through its ears or… well, I think you’ve heard enough.

But philosophically (yes, philosophy has a role here) the Titanic slot machine and the Walking Dead slot machine have a single feature that sets them apart; the Titanic is based on a grim reality, while the Walking Dead is based on a childish fantasy of a monster that wants to eat you.

This monster is not something in nature such as a lion, a wolf or your neighbor’s kid, but an animated dead person out for a hearty meal that turns out to be your leg.

There are no walking dead out there. It is a fantasy, a gross one, yes, but not real. On the other hand, the Titanic was a real ship, with real people who faced real tragedy. People lost loved ones; people lost themselves! It was not a cheap thrill to give us goose bumps.

So, I can see the Walking Dead as a slot machine for those who enjoy make-believe blood and guts and dining. As for Titanic, well, people are obviously playing it so, well… so I have no idea why.



We can bet money in a casino, but we also bet money in real life. Many readers of this article have various investments that they hope will generate a profit of some kind for them. Such investments would be slot machines with more than a 100 percent return.

But I can’t understand why people would buy gold and silver from companies that explain to us in their commercials why the money we are going to send them is becoming more and more worthless over the years therefore “You must invest in gold and silver!”

Now, if such companies have gold and silver why would they give those two precious metals up for the very money they are telling us is becoming completely worthless?

The latest commercial has a famous actor telling us what a great country America used to be when we were feared by all the world but now, we are heading downhill because our paper money is losing its true value. The actor even stands before a big picture of one of our battle ships to heighten this idea that we were once great and now we aren’t. Then this actor tells us to look into investing in gold and silver by sending our almost worthless money to the company that is paying him to make the commercial. He even tells us that he likes “the feel” of gold in his hands.

Is it me or is this weird? Why would a gold and silver company want crummy money in order to get rid of its own gold and silver? Aren’t they in the battleship seat with all of their gold and silver? Why sink that ship by getting rid of their wealth? That’s kind of like, well, the Titanic isn’t it?



Bob has an interesting idea of when to stop playing his slot machine. Here it is in his own words:

“I never quit after I’ve lost a hand or a spin. I have to win a decision before I will quit because then I am quitting on what may become a winning cycle for my next session later on that day or night. I believe there is a psychic circle when it comes to playing those machines and a win can usher in more wins.”

I believe Bob invests in gold and silver and loves playing the Titanic slots


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