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A novel approach to playing the slots

By Frank Scoblete

Thirty days have September… April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one except… Oh, for crying out loud. What’s with February?

Seriously? You have to break the rhythm of the lines to get this month into the pack. Is it that important a month?

What’s with 28 and then 29 days? Couldn’t a better way be found to get the year to look like a year? Weird; February is a weird month.

Speaking of weird, I know I tend to be a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to casino gambling, especially when it comes to a game that can go as fast as slot machines. The faster you’re driving when you hit a wall, the worse it is for you. I doubt anyone can really disagree with that statement. (My wife the Beautiful AP just said, “Some people can disagree with anything.”) Okay, let me change the sentence, I doubt many people can disagree with that statement.

You have to be really careful when you play the slots. The tendency on the part of players is go faster and faster as time marches on. And that is not so weird.

Except in this article. That’s right. In honor of February I am going to give you an extremely weird slot-playing method that has never been tried before. And probably will never be tried again. Can this method gain an edge over the casino? No. But I think it can be fun and different.

Buy a pair of dice. The casino sundry shop will probably have a basket of them on the counter. It doesn’t even matter if the dice have holes in them because you aren’t going to play craps.

First you have to determine how much money you are bringing with you to play this session and how high your stom ach can take in terms of the denomination of the slot machines you’ll play. I hope you can make it all the way up to the $5 ones.

You will not be playing a normal way. You’ll only play one coin in a machine – unless it is one of those progressives and then you will play the maximum, just in case you win the big jackpot.

The dice will dictate everything you’ll do during this strategy.

Now pick a slot machine in a row on the farthest outside of the casino. That’s your starting point. Let us say it is a quarter machine (it could be a nickel or a penny) and take the one on the very end of the row.

You are now going to roll the dice. The machine you are at – in this case the end machine – will always be number one. Put a single coin in that machine. You are done with it, win or lose or draw.

Roll the dice. This can be done by just shaking them in your hand or in a cup and read what the two faces say. If it is, say, the die with five pips and the die with three pips that is an eight. Counting from your machine one through eight, the ma- chine you stop at is the next one you will play.

You will now roll those dice again. Let us say the combined total is six. At the machine where you stopped you will now put six coins (credits) through the machine: one, two, three, four, five, six. You are finished with that machine win, lose or draw.

Roll the dice again. If the number is twelve, six pips plus six pips, you count the machines from the one you are at and you stop at the next one down the aisle. Roll the dice again and play the number on that roll.

That’s the key; one roll to find the machine you are going to play and one roll to find out how many coins you are going to play in the machine.


Here are some more rules or hints on how to play and some information about dice:

  • If you get to the end of an aisle and you still have to count machines just turn and go to the machines behind you.
  • If there is no aisle behind you just continue in a straight line to the next aisle.
  • At times you will have to determine where to go next.
  • When you hit five-dollar machines the decision of whether to play these or even higher denominations is yours to make.
  • I would forgo video poker machines because on these you have to play full coin and they can get expensive over time.
  • A die has one through six pips, so you can go from a total number of two through 12 on two dice.
  • You always start your count with the machine you have just played so that when the pips hit one and one (adding up to two), you can play the machine next to the machine that you are on. Your machine is count one and the machine next to you is count two.
  • You only allow yourself to go through your money once.
  • Do not tell anyone I invented this strategy.

And that is it, my dicers’ slot system. All the best in and out of the casinos!

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