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The System Scam

There are still “systems” being sold that claim to guarantee you’ll win at slots. Don’t buy them By Frank Legato   There were several “sponsored” articles that appeared last month on internet sites promoting “The Slot Machine System.” For $97, you get software or a book (the articles didn’t make it clear which) that purports […]

When a Bonus… Isn’t

Bonus events should be just that. If they aren’t, move on By Frank Legato   We recently received a couple of letters from readers concerning bonus rounds in slot games. One reader asked whether it violated any laws for casino slot machines to advertise something as a “bonus” when a player can get nothing, and […]

My Jackpot Dream

Scoring big, paying it forward, and being practical with those slot machine winnings By Sean Chaffin   Any slot machine player dreams of hitting it big—or even medium or small for that matter. A nice chunk of winning cash speeds up the heartbeat and the adrenaline flows. Players fantasize about what a nice score could […]

New Slot Year

As we emerge from the pandemic, players will find the new slot games to be launched in the coming year as great as ever By Frank Legato   Every year this magazine has been published, the major slot manufacturers have raised the curtain on the coming year of new slot games to us. This was […]


The reality of going after big money By John Grochowski   When jackpot hunters scout out progressive machines and selectively play those with jackpots at higher levels, there is an underlying reality: No matter how high the jackpot gets, the odds are the same on every spin. You are no more likely to win with […]

Top 10 Slots

These slot games were the top 10 earners—thus, most popular games— in a monthly industry report in August. Here’s what the games do   We are often asked what the most popular slot games are in casinos, and what it is about them that makes them popular. The truth is, the answer is different at […]


Once again, the random number generator rules when considering online slot results By Frank Legato   We’ve mostly used this space to dissect, explain and tout the benefits of the slot games you will find on the floor of your favorite casino. Amid all the difficulties of the past two years due to the COVID-19 […]

That Slot Machine Mystique

Bigfoot? Stonehenge? Poe? How about the slots? John Grochowski   Mystique is a quality that’s difficult to pin down because of its very nature. There’s an aura about a person, place or thing that we’re drawn to. We’re drawn to it, perhaps even a little in awe of it, without fully understanding how or why. […]

Let’s Spin

Gaming Arts takes the bonus wheel to the next level By Frank Legato   It’s been scarcely three years since Las Vegas-based Gaming Arts, a long-successful bingo supplier, began selling casino slot machines. Since then, however, the quality of the games has been apparent as the company has progressed through different slot styles and genres. […]

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