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Imagine hitting a million-dollar jackpot. Now imagine doing it again


The time-honored adage that lightning never strikes twice” was debunked like a thunderbolt at Empire City Casino in Yonkers, NY last month. Theresa P., who previously hit a record-breaking $2,919,162.81 Wheel of Fortune jackpot on March 11, 2018, has done it again.

Almost five months to the day, and with just one lucky spin, the Ossining, New York resident scored again taking home a $1,469,368.28 jackpot on IGT’s Wheel of Fortune Triple Stars slot machine Sunday, August 12.Theresa made a maximum $10 bet on the $5 denomination slot machine.

“Matthew (her husband) and I are positive when gambling, always thinking we will win, but never in our dreams did we think we would hit a jackpot like this in our lifetime, let alone two in a year; said Theresa. “It’s been a happy state of shock!”

After hitting the life-changing jackpot in March, Theresa feels like she is on vacation every day, with no worries in mind. She adds that taking home a second million dollar-plus jackpot is unbelievable considering she still hasn’t gotten used to the idea of winning the first time. She calls the Wheel of Fortune her go-to machine and notes that she and her husband haven’t finalized any plans as to what to do with the second major addition to the bank account.

Theresa had already joined the company of millionaires Howard G. of Long Island, NY who won $1,473,503 in October 2015, and Linda H. of Thornwood, NY who took home a “nearly-there” million-dollar jack-pot of $961,411 in November 2016. Now, she has one-upped all of them.

Empire City’s millionaires aren’t the only ones with something to celebrate; each of the four highest jackpots at the casino was won on a Wheel of Fortune-themed slot machine made by one of the top gaming companies in the world, IGT. Furthermore, seven of the top eleven jack-pots won at Empire City have been on Wheel of Fortune slots. According to the New York State Lottery, there’s no shortage of wins at Empire City. Customers took home their share of nearly $779-million in credits won in the month of July 2018.

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