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The best way to keep track of your comps



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The best way to keep track of your comps


In last month’s Publisher’s Message, I informed all Casino Player subscribers that you now have a new premium you receive along with your magazine subscription—at absolutely no charge to you!  This new freebie for all subscribers is called Reward View and it allows every subscriber who has one or more player’s club card the ability to open a free account, online, where all of your casino comps are lined up for you to see. These are lined up side by side for you, so you can choose the comps that you want to use on your next trip to your favorite casino. In fact, it may change your mind which casino to visit—there are likely some comps that you aren’t even be aware of! I know that’s what happened to me.

Despite getting mail every month from some of the casinos I visit, when I checked the information from my B Connected card (from a Boyd Gaming’s Sam’s Town casino hotel; and my Total Rewards card, used at Caesars and Harrah’s)  I had a quite a bit more in comps waiting for me at these casinos. This is because I had played at these casinos less than a week ago. While none of the casinos had the time to mail my new offers, my Reward View account is maintained online—so they had plenty of time to update my account with the new comps that were due to me!

If I didn’t have my Reward View account with all 12 of my player’s club cards signed up, I would have been completely unaware of a great new comp waiting for me at Caesars Palace—a free night’s stay and dinner for two.  I would have gone to a different casino offering me a similar package instead of Caesars Palace, which I greatly prefer. So having a FREE account online at provided me with very important information that allowed me to stay in a more expensive guest room and dine in a superior restaurant. As a subscriber, you can also take advantage of this and open your free account RIGHT NOW!

To receive your free Reward View benefits from Casino Player, all subscribers need to do the following: First, remember that you’ll need a computer, iPad or Tablet or some kind of online capable device to sign up with Reward View. Most casinos publish player’s club account information on their own websites daily, so they can provide this information to you. Since more casinos are providing their players with information online, Reward View can provide you with your own information—but from every casino combined!  It’s really a lot of fun to see all of your comps from the casinos you play at listed side-by-side!

To set up a Reward View account, go to all of the casino websites where you have a player’s card. You will create an online account at each of these sites—casinos will guide you through this simple process. For example, at LOGIN or SIGN UP, you will choose a username and password. Remember, you only have to go to the casino website once to establish a username and password for each player’s card. You typically need to know your player account number (printed on your player’s card) and the pin number that you use to access your rewards.

Once you complete the minimal sign up at each casino website, go to, fill out your Reward View information to open an account and viola! Your comps from every casino card listed at Reward View will automatically show up, one after another, usually within and day or two of when you gambled at the casino!

There is no service like this available anywhere, and because you are a Casino Player subscriber will you receive all of the Reward View information FREE OF CHARGE for as long as you continue to subscribe to Casino Player magazine. You will receive more comps from casinos much more quickly and have fun comparing comps from all the different casinos you visit.

All you need to do right now is gather up all your players cards, go to each casino where you  have a player’s card and sign up. Then go to and the process is complete!  I know you will have as much fun with Reward View as all the members of the Casino Player staff have had! Sign up now and you will also receive free registration to a video poker tournament for every player’s card you sign up at! ´

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