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The Best Of Slots 2014

Our 14th annual rundown of our readers’ choices of the best the slot floor has to offer

By John Grochowski & Frank Legato


One of the most important aspects of the slot manufacturing business these days is consumer research. Particularly in the case of high-profile themed or licensed slots, there is scarcely a new game coming out from any of the top slot-makers that has not already gone through some kind of player focus group.

Slot-makers tweak game design based on input from players. Casino operators depend on this fact for an assurance that players will play those games once on the floor. Player opinions are a key cog in the entire game-making process.

And this is precisely why, for the past 14 years, Strictly Slots has conducted its own annual focus group. Every year since 2001, we have sent out surveys asking our readers—the most discerning slot players in the country—to choose their favorite games, and which games—and casinos—give them their best slot experience. We break the results into categories that reflect the diversity of the modern slot floor, from traditional reel-spinners to branded multi-line video slots to video poker.

This report on what you like the best is one of our most anticipated issues of the year, not only by readers by the operators and the manufacturers. This issue gives the slot-makers an opportunity to see if their research is working, and gives the operators the chance to see what is pleasing the most players.

Welcome to our 14th annual snapshot of what you, the players, consider the best of the slot experience. This is your voice to the slot trade, and it will influence the games you see on the floor in the future. Thanks to all our readers for responding to the survey.

Here’s what you consider the best of the slot world.

Click the links below to view the results:

The Games We Play

Atlantic City



Gulf Coast


Lake Tahoe

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Downtown

Las Vegas Locals





Native Midwest

Native Northeast

Native Northwest

Native South

Native Southwest





Southern Indiana



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