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Tax Season—Love it or Hate it!

Tax time can be rewarding if you know where to look


By now, most gamblers have requested or received their Win/Loss statements, sometimes referred to a Tax Statement from each casino where you’ve played over the past year.  These statements can be used to help you in preparing your taxes, especially if you received W2G tax statements throughout the year and/or you were an overall winner in 2013 and want to be able to declare your losses against your wins when you file your tax returns.  While the government will not accept these statements as your only proof of wins and losses (they also want a gaming diary that you have recorded personally detailing your gambling sessions) it will help as back-up evidence.  In the event of an audit you will want to prove your losses with back-up documentation. But do always keep your own records and include your gambling related expenses as well as bank statements, ATM withdrawal receipts, marker receipts, etc. Many casinos now also offer your personal Win/Loss statements online.  You can download them yourself or make the request to have it mailed to you. Some casinos will still make you do it the old school way and have you visit and sign a form in person.  Review your gambling log as well and make sure you’ve entered everything and updated your figures.

Now, when those pesky taxes are done, if you’re entitled to a refund you could even turn the deal into something a bit sweeter. If you request a tax refund check instead of direct deposit and are planning a trip to Las Vegas, there are several good promotions to help you get a little more bang for your buck on that check! Refunders can receive from $10 to $100 in free slot play when you cash your IRS tax refund check or bring in an electronic receipt at the Cannery (North Las Vegas) or Eastside Cannery (Henderson) main cages. The amount of the refund check determines how much you can receive in free slot play (FSP) as follows:


$500 – $1,999 ………..$10 FSP

$2,000 – $2,499 ……..$20 FSP

$2,500 – $4,999 ……..$40 FSP

$5,000 – $8,499 ……..$60 FSP

$8500+……………..$100 FSP


Those cashing a check will also receive one entry into a Cruise Drawing to be held on April 30, 2014. The usual disclaimers for this type of promotion apply. The tax refund check amount must be a minimum of $500. Payee(s) must be 21-years-old, present valid photo ID and Can Club card. Guests will be required to sign up for a Can Club card if payee(s) does not have one. Must present Social Security card or complete a W-9 Tax Form to cash refund check. Free Slot Play will be added to payee(s) Can Club card at time of transaction. Offer expires April 30, 2014.

Another good offer when you cash your IRS check can be found at the El Cortez Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas, offering 5% of your check in free slot play up to $50. Check must be from a tax return, other government check, or a payroll check from any Clark County gaming property. The offer generally runs year round so you can schedule a trip and hold a check until you make your trip.

Perhaps the best one of all comes from a hidden gem, one of the smallest casinos in the valley. Club Fortune Casino in Henderson is offering the “Spring into Cash” check cashing promotion.  Cash your paycheck or government issued check at the cashier’s cage & receive an additional 5% of your check in free slot play. One of the reasons it may be the best current offer we’ve seen is because you can get up to $150 (the max allowed) in free slot play per cashed check. Again, this offer does not apply to any personal checks or other checks. You must have a “Playerreward$” card to participate, always free to join if you’re not already a member. See the cage or Playerreward$ Center for more details.

While we find most of these check cashing promotions in Las Vegas, check around with your local area casinos as well to see if they may be offering something special during tax season.  Even in Las Vegas, others often crop up last minute in March and April when the casino marketers finally remember its tax season, so keep an open eye and ear.

On a final note—and this one is for the accounting and marketing departments—I wonder why when they send us these statements they aren’t sending us some kind of an offer to return to the casino?  Gosh, we see how much we lost!  Get us back in with something! If you have to mail it to us, you might as well fill it with something good for us to return!

Good luck and happy slot clubbing!


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