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New Smartphone App From Leroy’s Makes Sports Betting History

Leroy’s Sportsbook, the largest independent sportsbook operator in Nevada, and Computerized Bookmaking Systems, Inc., a leading provider of race and sports technology, recently announced that Leroy’s has received approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board to start offering its own app for smartphones. This represents a milestone in sports betting history, and marks the first time that a mobile sports betting app has been released for the iPhone in the U.S.


With this app, the sportbook’s customers now have the freedom, convenience, and flexibility to place wagers anywhere. For those who don’t carry smartphones, kiosks will be set up in participating bars and taverns where the app will be available. To open an account, all you need to do is present a valid I.D. and some funds to get started.


The Leroy’s app is currently available on the three top selling smartphones: iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. This means Leroy’s offers mobile account wagering for over 90% of the smartphone market in Nevada.  The sportsbook’s next order of business is to release an app for iPads.



Stroll the Strip, Make a Bet: Walk-up Window Is a First

The Las Vegas Strip is world-renowned for offering a multitude of attractions to visitors, but now it really does have everything. Lucky’s has installed a walk-up betting window for sports action outside the Riviera, which lets bettors check out lines without going inside the casino. Betting lines can be viewed from the street through the window, and a ticket writer books the bet.

One caveat: it’s located at the extreme north end of the Riv, with the only sign directly over the window. It isn’t illuminated, and can easily be missed.

Lucky’s recently took over the sports book at the Riviera from Leroy’s, gaining its first entry on the Strip. This is a boon for those of us who shop lines, since it gives us a convenient shop with different numbers right on Las Vegas Boulevard.

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