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Wild new slot machine concepts

By Frank Scoblete


Raymond Van Lyman is a person with a mission. He has created several slot machines that he feels will be the future of the “beasts” as he calls them. Here are some of his ideas and comments. Will these machines pique the love of slot players or will they end up in the graveyard of slot machine doom? Only you, the player, knows.

FAT CHANCE (Counting calories counts!)

Lyman: “Our society is so hung up on what foods we put in our mouths that many restaurants now have calorie counts on their offerings. How good are you at figuring out how many calories exist in a dish? This machine will challenge you hungry players to spit up your information to see if you are right, wrong or somewhere in between.”

Mr. Lyman believes this game will have players hungering to challenge it. Foods are shown, sometimes a dessert, sometimes a main course or an appetizer or salad or soup – even sometimes a drink or two or more! The combinations of foods are almost limitless.

“There are so many combinations we can gather!” said Lyman. The game has three levels:

  • Small samples, which mean just one type of meal, say a hamburger.
  • Medium samples, which mean more than one type of food, say a hamburger with fries.
  • The whole enchilada, which means many different ingredients and foods in the mix.

The player gets to choose the level at which he wishes to play for every decision. The payouts for the various levels will differ due to the difficulty factor. Obviously, if a player chooses “the whole enchilada,” the correct guessing is difficult, but the rewards are abundant.

Once the picture of the food is shown, the player is given five options in terms of the calories in that food or meal. He or she has to select the right number of calories. Players have only 10 seconds to choose or they lose that decision.

Even if a player has been given the same meal over and over again (which he or she won’t) the ingredients will change. For example, a hamburger could be bigger or smaller, thinner or thicker; same with fries.

Lyman states: “There is even a grand prize round where a player gets to attempt to calorize an entire gourmet meal in one minute or less. The winning on this can be on a sliding scale too as that is one of our options.”



“If you live in a house or own a house or rent an apartment, the last creature you want to see is a termite,” says Lyman. “They are the horrors of construction.”

In this game Lyman has made you, the player, a termite! That’s right; it is your job to attempt to destroy an entire house. You are the Termite-r-nater! The scourge of building owners and renters the world over.

Lyman explains: “You get to destroy or, rather, attempt to destroy houses of various sizes, from little capes to massive mansions, and the bigger the house you destroy, the more money you win.”

A player is shown a house and with his joystick he manipulates his Termite-r-nater into an eating frenzy. Can he devour the house in 30 seconds, 15 seconds? The bigger the house, the faster the eating, the more money is on the line. The player can choose the speed of the eating and the size of the house to garner the maximum wins.

Lyman laughs, “Oh, yes, there is a jackpot round too. If the player can knock over five buildings in a row – or make “X” amount of dollars

– he can place his termite-r-nater against the exterminator in a death match. The player tries to eat a giant mansion but the exterminator attempts to kill that vicious bug. The game is fun and the money-making is thrilling.”


THE BLOB: (Gooey gratification)

The 1958 movie The Blob, starring a young Steve McQueen, was about a rapidly growing jelly-like mass that enjoyed eating living things, especially succulent humans. The blob was not a pleasant creature.

Luckily McQueen and his youthful allies were able to alert the town – with some difficulty because adults rarely listen to teenagers it seems – and it was finally figured out that freezing cold could disable the blob by putting it into suspended animation. Whew! That’s what happened and the blob was transported to the Arctic where it was to remain (everyone hoped!) frozen forever.

Read Lyman’s take: “What if the blob defrosts because of climate change and slowly makes its way down from the Arctic? First it is the size of a small house but then it gets bigger and bigger as it slowly eats up the living beings in its way. Only the player, our blob-bo, has the ability to kill the beast by blasting it with nuclear energy. But what about the cities that could be destroyed by such a blast? Can the player figure a way to stop this creature?”

The game is simple. The blob can take many routes towards the great cities of America and Canada and the player has to anticipate what route is being used. Then the player attacks.

The more damage to the blob, the more money is won by the player. A complete destruction of the creature wins the jackpot.

There you have Mr. Lyman’s new machine ideas. All the best in and out of the casinos!


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