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Our annual preview of games coming soon to your favorite casinos

By Frank Legato

If you are a regular reader of this magazine, you know that every fall, we give you a sneak peek at new slot games coming your way in the coming year. The major slot  manufacturers launch all their new titles each October at the Global Gaming Expo, the casino industry’s main trade show.

This, our annual spotlight of new slot games contains much exclusive information and the new games coming to casinos in the coming months, having revealed them to Strictly Slots before pretty much anywhere else— because of our print deadline, many of the new game ideas are displayed to us even before the casinos to which they will be marketed.

One thing is constant with this annual feature—the slot-makers never disappoint. Even through the past two years of pandemic, research and development on slot games has not slowed down. On the following pages you will see clever new ideas, innovative presentations, and each manufacturer’s mechanics of the day.

There are great new themes, revivals of historically successful themes, and a few radical games like nothing you’ve seen on the slot floor yet.

So, welcome to the newest slot futures. Here are the newest games, in alphabetical order according to manufacturer. Refer to it before your next casino visit, so you know which games to look for. And good luck in the casino!



Players will see new games from AGS on each of the slot-maker’s many cabinets. That includes the newest cabinet, Spectra, a 43- inch upright cabinet that complements the 43-inch Orion Portrait, which is a slant-top.

Games on Spectra feature 3D video in a variety of effects, like a synchronized art show that flies across all the screens in a bank of games when the machines are idle. All those great graphics also are evident in games like Triple Coin Treasures, a series of multi-progressive slots. Base games Long Bao Bao and Shamrock Fortune feature fun pots of gold that grow and potentially send a little dragon on Long Bao Bao or a leprechaun on Shamrock Fortune to the reels to upgrade symbols and award chances for one of four progressives.

This and other new games on Spectra are joined by games on the Orion Curve Premium and Orion Rise cabinets. On the Orion Curve, with the 49-inch curved portrait screen, is the Firestarter game family. Games Dragon Moon and Egyptian Diamond feature the Jackpot Wheel Bonus, with six jackpot prizes and a top progressive prize resetting to $8,000.The Firestarter Bonus awards eight initial free spins on a five- by-eight prize grid above the reels.

New on the giant 55-inch Orion Rise cabinet is Cluck Cluck Cash Deluxe. The humorous growing chicken of past games is reprised here in a game that features three bonuses—free spins, “hold-and-win,” and an interactive touch cash bonus.

AGS brings back a past favorite on the Starwall setup, which provides an animated backdrop to games on the Orion Portrait cabinet, its 4K graphics beamed to a display that includes 420 game-controlled LED lights that change color based on game events, music and sounds. In this case, it frames new additions to the River Dragons series of games—video slots distinguished by their beautiful artwork depicting the two dragons central to the theme.

River Dragons Jade and River Dragons Sapphire have the familiar colorful dragons from the base game flying around the machines on the giant Starwall display.

Finally, AGS moves into the high-denomination slot area this year with a series of traditional-style slot games. While they are video slots on the Orion Curve cabinet, the games are three-reel slots that mimic familiar mechanical reel-spinning games. Everything about the games themselves is traditional, from the complete pay schedule above the reels to the familiar bar-symbol and multiple 7 combinations on the reels, to the way the games feel when one plays them.

AGS was careful to duplicate the feel of a mechanical slot on the games that start with two already out in casinos, Mega Diamond and Gold Inferno. Both are traditional three-reel games in video, offering the player the choice not only of denomination—they range from quarters to $5—but in the payline configuration. Players can choose a single payline, three lines, five lines or nine lines.

In addition to choices not possible on a mechanical-reel slot, the video platform spices up the traditional game. That means animated coin-shower celebrations for big wins, symbols that glow in wins, anticipation of wins, flames around the screen as progressives “heat up,” and added watermarks to some of the symbols. For instance, Mega Diamond adds multipliers to certain 7 and bar symbols displaying 2X, 3X, 4X or 5X.


Ainsworth Game Technology

Ainsworth has become known for its popular high-denomination video slots, which provide the volatile experience of a traditional slot in a modern format with high- resolution graphics.

This year, Ainsworth is showcasing a different style of game—one that harkens back to the traditional Australian style of multi-line video slots. Three games to be launched this fall exemplify the new Ainsworth style—Treasure Spirits, Ca$h Stacks Gold and Ultra Shot Gold. All were developed from games that have done well in the tough Australian market.

Treasure Spirits is a family of three base games—Treasure Spirits Dragon and Phoenix are the launch titles, to be followed by Treasure Spirits Dragon. All are 243-ways-to-win games in player-selectable denominations of .01, .02, .05 and .10. In the primary game, when a stacking symbol appears on the fifth reel, prizes displayed in any cash-on-reels symbol on the array are added up and awarded to the player. This can include any of four progressive jackpots, the top one resetting at $10,000.

At the center of the game is the “Hold ’n Stack” feature. The player is awarded five free spins in which to keep collecting coin symbols. There are frequent extra spins added along the way. Above each reel is a credit award. If the reel fills up with collected coins, that amount is immediately awarded.

Ca$h Stacks Gold, with four inaugural titles, features instant wins in the primary game up to 800 times the bet, as well as multiple progressives and bonuses available on a single spin. It also features the Hold ’n Stack bonus. The base game has five, 25 or 50 paylines, depending on the denomination.

Early next year, look for Ultra Shot Gold, a game packed with bonus features including the Ultra Shot hold-and-re-spin feature, which can progress through three levels, with increasing values to the collectible coins at each level. “Leveling up” gets the player 2X and 3X multipliers, and at the top level, the four progressives are in play, including the top Grand jackpot.



Bluberi is rolling out several new games on its main Novus b49 portrait-style cabinet. Standouts include Rocket Rumble, featuring an innovative progressive free-spin ladder. The graphics are great, with rockets flying to like-colored free-game choices.

Also on the b49 is Fu Bamboo, featuring a collection feature in which a panda character grows in size with collected gold symbols until cracking—complete with a clever visual effect of the monitor cracking— to reveal a progressive picking bonus. A free- spin round features an expanded reel array.

A new game family to be launched this fall on the cabinet is Double Flamin’ Link, with a hold-and-spin feature that includes a second chance by resetting the free-spin counter.

Finally, the new entry on the Big Mech cabinet—the giant stepper cabinet with colorful backlit reels and a see-through front—is Reels of Steel Fortune’s Forge. The oversized game is a three-reel, single-line game with a bonus wheel added. Spots on the reels can award multipliers, cash-on-reels awards, or a wheel spin. The game will be released by late October.


Aristocrat Technologies

This year, Aristocrat rolls out its giant Cinema cabinet, featuring an 86-inch 4K HD monitor, with the player’s seat behind a separate game console in front of the giant screen. The massive cabinet will trial launch in November be- ginning with Buffalo Diamond Extreme, with full release expected in February 2023.

For the past two years, the Neptune Double, with its stacked 49-inch curved monitors, ergonomic viewing angles and custom chair, has wowed customers. This year, Aristocrat launches the Neptune Single, with all the graphics and game horsepower of the Double but with a more location-versatile single 48- inch curved monitor.

The launch game family for Neptune Single is Jackpot Carnival, a festive game group with player-selectable multi-denominations that includes clever free-game features like a hammer smash, a clown and several other carnival themes. Inaugural base games include Buffalo, Timber Wolf and Power of 88, with a base game that has stacked reveals.

Also on the Neptune Single is Tarzan Link, a premium, two-game series that combines the player-favorite Tarzan with Aristocrat’s Hold & Spin mechanic; and Lightning Buffalo Link, which combines a rapid-hitting, $50,000 multi-site progressive with the successful Buffalo Link product, a game that introduced the player-favorite Dragon Link Hold & Spin feature to the iconic Buffalo brand.

Another standout on the Neptune Single is a new version of Wonder 4, the popular game setup that presents four separate reel arrays on which the player can wager simultaneously. In this case, they are Buffalo, Black Panther, Fire Light II and Pompeii.

Also on the Neptune Single is Zorro, with an innovative play mechanic that has been popular on Aristocrat’s free-to-play social sites.

On the imposing Neptune Double, watch for Buffalo Grand Deluxe, a follow-up to Buffalo Grand that adds frequent multipliers to that game’s wheel bonus, a higher bet structure (100–1,000 credits), and a bonus wheel with a 20X multiplier wedge. It features a $500,000 wide-area progressive jackpot.

Another on the big Neptune Double is Chief Platinum, an evolution of the Buffalo Chief title that features stacked multipliers, expanding wild multipliers, and free games with multipliers of up to 8X.

On the MarsX Portrait, the company is launching three games—Lucky’s Wild Inferno, an entertaining wheel game with a fun devil character; Triple Supreme Extreme, using a triple metamorphic feature; and Iron Horse, a new locomotive-themed game brand from the same game studio that produced the original Buffalo and Cash Express Gold Class.

Also on the MarsX Portrait is an enhanced version of Firelight Eruption, and Cash Express Mega Line, which presents four Cash Express themes in separate reel arrays, as in Wonder 4.

On the new MarsX Flex “large top box” cabinet—it features a 55-inch screen above the main game screen—two key titles are being rolled out, the first being Buffalo Strike, the first Buffalo-themed game to include a community-style bonus event.


Everi Holdings

Everi just launched a new cabinet, called Dynasty Vue. It is the size of a slant-top but with a large, square monitor that provides enough space for a ton of game features. There are four game families launching on the new cabinet: Money Slam offers an innovative reel array, with credit awards and four jack-pots in a “cash-on-reels” connecting pay-style mechanic, with a bonus wheel at the top.

The player-popular Little Shop of Horrors returns in incredible 4K display on the Empire DCX cabinet with Little Shop of Horrors Director’s Cut.

Combo Cash utilizes a “Win What You See” bonus that replicates the feature from the company’s smash hit Cash Machine—where numbers appearing on three reels form a simple display of the bonus award. Wild Wheel continues the tradition of wheel-based bonus games begun by Everi’s Wicked Wheel series, and High Rollin’ Gems is a multi-game offering that brings together three of Everi’s highest- performing mechanical reel-spinners, in a brand-new video package.

These are joined by offerings on Everi’s newest mechanical reel-spinning cabinet, the Player Classic Signature. Launched earlier this year, the cabinet brings modern technology to a cabinet that remains loyal to the traditional reel-spinner. The cabinet features wide reels with full-spectrum color lighting enhancing the spinning reels. Inaugural releases Blazin’ Gems Deluxe and Triple Jackpot Gems Deluxe bring the “double nudge” feature to the new cabinet—a feature that offers two chances at improving results on nine lines that can result in more than one of the five progressives on a single spin.

Also on the new format is the Platinum Signature series, featuring two double-progressive meters—two progressives (triggered by three wild symbols) apply to the base game and two larger progressives to the free-games feature, Platinum Spins. Inaugural games are Black Diamond Platinum and Crystal Star Platinum.

One particularly notable new reel-spinner is on the Skyline Revolve cabinet, the format with a vertical portrait video monitor above the spinning reels, with a bonus wheel on top. It is home to a theme baby boomers will remember with a chuckle: Rocky and Bullwinkle, and a sister game, Boris & Natasha.

Both three-reel, nine-line games feature the Skyline Revolve bonus wheel and a five- level progressive jackpot, but boomers who were fans of the quirky 1960s Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons will find the audio that accompanies most reel events to be hilarious. The games’ developers convincingly re- created the voices of the show’s characters— the heroes Rocky and Bullwinkle and Cold War Russian-spy villains Boris and Natasha— who react to game events with wisecracks from the show. Even the narrator of the cartoon series, who would hyper-dramatically introduce each scene, is reproduced. This one will have boomers laughing out loud.


Gaming Arts

The big news this year for Gaming Arts is Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More, the game on the new VertX Grand oversized cabinet (4K 49-inch monitor) that features top “slot influencer” Brian Christopher. The game is hosted by an avatar of the YouTube star, who narrates the game as he does on his live-stream videos of new slot games. His reactions to game events on these videos have become catch- phrases among his followers—“Rude!” after a near miss; “Oh Nelly!” after a big win; “Line it UP!” in anticipation of a winning spin. “Do it to it!” “It’s all about timing!”

Gaming Arts recorded all of his catch- phrases for voice-overs in the game—more than 200 recordings were made—and designed a slot game around his brand in its popular Pop’N Pays More series.

Also new on the VertX Grand is Kung Fu Empress, based on the popular video game of the same name; and Casino Wizard VIP, the enhanced version of the multi-game electronic table game featuring video versions of black- jack, roulette, craps and baccarat along with new side bets. The new version doubles the number of games on the multi-game unit. The new Casino Wizard VIP adds Pai Gow Poker, Super Big 6 Wheel, Swap’Em Poker and Triple Card Poker to the original four selections, most featuring interesting side bets, special bonuses and/or progressives.

This fall, Gaming Arts will launch two new game families on the VertX Grand: the “Go” family, with Jackpot Go and Tic-Tac Go; and the Winning Wings family, with Winning Wings Fairies and Winning Wings Butterfly.

Jackpot Go features a hold-and-re-spin bonus and a progressive bonus in which “go” symbols on the reels collect to potentially win different progressive jackpots. Tic-Tac Go features a persistent bonus in which the player collects “X” and “0” symbols on the reels, which travel to a tic-tac-toe board on the top screen. Whenever the player forms a tic-tac-toe win on that screen, a bonus is awarded.

On the VertX Grand next year will be a comical take on the dragon theme, Big Fat Dragon. The game features a giant dragon character that interacts with game events to add bonuses—if a food item lands on the reels, he swoops down to eat it and awards a credit prize.

On Gaming Arts’ hybrid cabinet is Cash Quest, with base games The Adventures and The Protectors. The games use Gaming Arts’ proprietary  3D engine to take players into battle with one of three villains to win credits, wild symbols or both.

During the base game, players collect swords and keys, which are used to defeat the character in the bonus round. There also are free games with guaranteed wilds on every spin.

Also on the cabinet is the Egyptian Gem series, with base games Rise of Pharaoh and Rise of Queen. On both games, pyramid symbols trigger a persistent feature as orbs drop down to the screen and move reel-to-reel, right to t, across the game screen. Landing a pyramid on one of the orb symbols awards credits and the chance of a multiplier.

New on Gaming Arts’ standard video cabinet is Lucky Pick, which includes a clever punchboard-style persistent feature.

On the HaloTop wheel cabinet, the company has achieved success with Spooky Spins, a wheel bonus with a ghostly theme that awards credits, multipliers and free games. It is a follow- up to the successful Inferno Wheel brand.

Gaming Arts is launching three-reel games on the format, in the Halo Super Wheel Stepper Video series. Inaugural games are Giant Gold Bar Super Wheel and Triple Double Stack 7s.

Finally, on the HaloTop is Flip Mania, a game family that uses the 3D engine to replicate the coin-flipper games from old arcades and casinos. The first title is Coin Dozer.

As you’re playing the base game, you’ll trigger coins that flip into the top screen, hopefully pushing award tokens off the shelf and to the player. It creates a perceived-skill ability to flip them into the top and try to land and even get into one of the progressive buckets or a feature bucket, or just have coins that are pushed off the board to add bonus prizes.



IGT is rolling out the PeakDual 27, a new cabinet featuring two 27-inch monitors with a 27-inch video topper, with a unique curved screen on the main monitor. It features Fortune Coin Extra, a game that reprises one of IGT’s most popular titles. The new version reprises the original’s coin collection feature, and “Coin Boosts” that increase the value of the cash-on-reels coins. It adds extra free games and a jackpot picking bonus with the low jackpots removed. It also adds a red coin to the collectible gold coins in the base game, which awards extra coins, boosts multipliers, and provides a second path to the progressive jackpots.

The Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania franchise is revived on the PeakDual 27 with the twin games Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 5 Link and Super Sally’s Shrimpmania Link.

The new Lucky Larry game—with a player-selectable multi-denom setup—adds a buy-a-pay feature called “Treasure Zone.” In the active Treasure Zone, treasure chest symbols open to reveal cash awards. At the minimum bet, only the first reel is the Treasure Zone. At max bet, the zone covers all five reels. The hold-and-spin feature on the new game is triggered with only one scatter symbol.

The game also reprises the popular Buoy Bonus, but as “Buoy Bonus Deluxe.” In addition to the comical sequence in which a wise- cracking Larry tosses lobsters overboard to light up bonuses in buoys in the water, there are three separate sub-bonuses—a Pirate Bonus treasure picking event, a Dolphin Bonus that multiplies the buoy amounts, and a hilarious UFO Bonus, in which Larry is sucked up into an alien vessel (along with some cows).

IGT is featuring new mechanical reel-spinners on the DiamondRS cabinet, which has been in the market since early summer. It features a new generation of transmissive reels technology called “Diamond Glass,” designed to look like traditional slot glass, that allows a mechanical-reel slot to host multiple payline configurations on the same cabinet—essentially, a multi-game, multi-denomination mechanical reel-spinning slot.

As with the new core video games, the top games so far on the new DiamondRS format are revivals of IGT classics—Pinball and Double Top Dollar. Two more brand extensions will be launched this fall—Diamond Jackpots Super Times Pay and Double 3X4X5X Pay Double Double Wheel. Both games supercharge the multiplying-wild-symbol genre created by IGT.

New in video poker from IGT is Fortune X Poker, with a random multiplier bonus occurring an average of once every nine games. When the “X” mode is triggered, wins on the subsequent five hands can get a multiplier from 2X to 12X.

Elsewhere, Big City 4s Poker borrows the growing-pot feature from the VLT game  Big City  5s. In the poker version, three-of-a- kind and full-house hands grow pot values, and a four-of-a-kind hand triggers the bonus for a minimum 150 credits.


Incredible Technologies

This year, Incredible Technologies raises the bar for its groundbreaking Prism VXP—the cabinet with the 55-inch moving flat-screen monitor that physically rises and lowers according to game events on a main 27-inch 4 landscape monitor.

This year, IT unveils the Prism VXP Elite Package, with improved graphics and improved use of the commercial-grade motor that makes the big monitor move. When the games are idle, all the screens in the bank will automatically move up and down—a kind of “wave” of slot machines.

The debut game family on Prism VXP Elite is Dragon Rush.

Players will notice the improved graphics immediately in a bank setup, as the large dragon flies across all screens in synchronization.

The game itself features a hold-and-spin bonus triggered by six collected golden eggs. A short-cycle persistent feature can boost the player into the feature—if golden eggs land on the screen, they stay for three spins, giving the player more chances to get the six scatters and trigger the bonus.

There’s also an added collection feature that builds up piles of golden eggs and coins in the top box. Golden eggs that land on the reels and don’t trigger the bonus travel up to the pile on top, which will randomly pop to award bonus credits.

Other highlights on the Prism VXP include sister titles Leonidas and Medusa, which are new versions of games made popular on the company’s original Infinity U23 cabinet.

Leonidas Return to Sparta features a stacking top Leonidas symbol and a free-spin bonus with locked wild symbols for two or more Queen scatters. Randomly, Leonidas will reach down to the reel array to nudge a second symbol to the screen and trigger the bonus.

For the bonus, the VXP display physically expands to make way for a mega-wheel. Players spin for additional free spins, 2X wilds, wild stacks, or a jackpot bonus. With each free spin, wilds are added to the reels as arrows, and Leonidas’ shields appear on the reels and locks them in place as wild symbols for remaining free spins.

Sister game Medusa Viper’s Desire features mythical Grecian symbols including Medusa herself, the highest-paying symbol. The bonus features are basically the same, except that Medusa uses her glowing eyes to put wild symbols on the reels (naturally).

Also on the Prism VXP is Multi-Ball Blast Panda Joy, featuring a pachinko-style bonus on the big monitor. Players do a pinball-style launch to shoot balls into what looks like a pachinko board.

Any one ball will trigger the feature, and at higher denominations of 5 cents or 10 cents, the player always gets an extra ball to shoot.

Buckets at the bottom of the screen include credit awards and jackpots. On the way down, balls can touch pegs that double or triple the prizes, or other pegs that award free games. Prizes increase in value as the ball progresses down.

Finally, a new version of Ultra Rush Gold is being launched on the Prism VXP. The base titles are Ultra Rush Gold X Wei Yi and Ultra Rush Gold X Bingwen.

That Ultra Rush Gold game family also will appear in other product categories, including on the Infinity V55 premium cabinet, in IT’s growing Class II library, and in an HHR version.

On the V55, the Ultra Rush Gold title features the three-spin persistent feature, like in Dragon Rush, where the gold scatters will lock. Full Force Link is offered with two base games—Full Force Link Mystical Owl and Full Force Link Vegas Revue. Six scatters initiate three reel spins on an array of just wheel scatters and credit awards. Once a scatter lands, the spin count is reset back to three.

IT brought its popular Ultra Rush Gold game to Class II, in collaboration with Choctaw Nation Master Artist D.G. Smalling. The new Class II version of the game carries the same math as the original in a new package, but displays the art of Smalling. The art also is incorporated into the edge display.


Konami Gaming

Konami has launched its newest cabinet in the Dimension series, the Dimension 75C, with its massive 75-inch main monitor, with its inaugural All Aboard and Ocean Spin game families. The company launched four 75C titles in the All Aboard series as an exclusive multi-game mix, which also were individually released on the Dimension 49J cabinet, the premium cabinet featuring the J-curved 49-inch portrait monitor.

Each version features the central All Aboard feature, which transforms all train symbols into credit awards for a hold-and- spin sequence.

Ocean Spin features a wheel bonus triggered by six cash-on-reels coin symbols.  The total amount of the coin values is tallied, and the wheel spins to a multiplier applied to the coin total.

A new game series for the Dimension 75C that also will be available on the Dimension 49J is the Great Guardians Link, with base games Great Guardians Dragon and Great Guardians Phoenix.

The main feature on these games is a hold-and-spin bonus identical to the All Aboard feature, the only difference being the collection of yin-yang symbols instead of trains.

Another highlight on both the Dimension 75C and 49J is America’s Rich Life, a patriotic five-reel video slot with a large bonus wheel, complete with a boost feature that raises the wedge amounts.

The two base games are Seaside Riches, with a West Coast/California feel, and Luxury Nights, with an East Coast/New York City vibe.

Konami has added James Brown’s “Living in America” as background music for the bonuses, and in a sequence that has an eagle moon-walking above the bonus wheel.

Also on the Dimension 75C and 49J is BattleBots. Based on the popular robot combat sport and reality TV show broadcast in over 150 countries, the game features iconic environments, sounds, scenes, and bots from the show.

The rollout of the Dimension Top Box cabinet is highlighted by Cash Parade, a game series designed to make the most of the cabinet display with a synchronized “parade” that travels across the top monitors in a bank of machines.



Light & Wonder’s big release this fall is Sinatra on the Landmark 7000 Wheel, a new mechanical reel-spinning cabinet. It features an eye-catching, 19-inch bonus wheel on top. Just above the reels is a 32-inch, 4K+ portrait monitor featuring striking graphics.

It’s the follow-up to a game that took the slot-maker to its reel- spinning roots, a new version of one of the most well-known mechanical reel-spinners of all time, Blazing 7s from legacy company Bally.

Now in casinos is Blazing 7s 2X3X5X, a supercharged version of the well-known original that adds an array of multiplying wild symbols to the multiple “7” combinations that made the original game famous.

The new reel spinners join new video slots on the Mural cabinet, which features dual stacked 55-inch 4K curved monitors—that’s 110 inches of game real estate—in a presentation that rises 11 feet.

This year, the Mural will host Dragon. As one might expect, the huge canvas is home to striking graphics, as a dragon flies over the reels and drops down credit awards, wild symbols and multipliers. The base game is on a five-by-five-reel array.

The game includes a unique cash- on-reels feature. Cash-on-reels symbols cascade down for several spins before disappearing at the bottom. This feature is enhanced by the free-game bonus, which plays out on an expanded reel array 10 rows high. A wheel feature can lead to one of four jackpots, including two progressives

Also on the Mural is Ultimate Fire Link Explosion. At the heart of the game is the fireball symbol, drawn from previous Bally games. Four scattered fireballs trigger the Fireball Feature, the lock-and- spin sequence from the original Ultimate Fire Link game. In the Mural version, monkey characters in a tree help players reach the bonus by throwing fireballs down to the reel array.

The four-by-five-reel array expands to eight rows for the lock-and- spin bonus. The player also can trigger a “Super Fire Link” version of the bonus with the reels expanded to 12 rows.

The game also features a wheel bonus, played out on a giant vertical wheel display that shows the edge of the wheel.

Finally, released in summer this year was a game that definitely stands out on the Mural cabinet, The Wizard of Oz: Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

The images from the classic technicolor film really pop with the 4K graphic capabilities and the stacked large screens. The reels on the four-by-five array expand to eight rows for the free-spin bonus. The game also reprises the popular “Glinda the Good Witch” mystery bonus event in which Glinda appears to award multipliers, free games and other bonuses.

L&W brings the Ultimate Fire Link mechanic to its Kascada portrait cabinet in Golden Fire Link. This includes an expanded reel array of nine rows in the lock-and-spin bonus and a free games bonus with “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” cash-on-reels symbols. There also is a “game-within-a-game” bonus feature that recalls the game Hot Shot—a reel-spinner on a classic Bally stepper title.

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